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Mother’s Day Flowers & Their Meanings: Gift a Personal Bouquet

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day flowers to show your mum just how much you care?

You really are going the extra mile - we like your style!

With our help, gift a personalised bouquet that symbolizes her spirit, soul, and unique personality - leaving her in awe of her own beauty.

Discover the fascinating meanings of popular Mother's Day flowers as well as a few unexpected, but brilliant choices too.

Mother's Day Flowers & Their Meanings: Gift a Personal Bouquet

1. Tulips
2. Daffodils
3. Carnations
4. Lily of the Valley
5. Anemones
6. Gerbera Daisies
7. Ranunculi
8. Violets
9. How Do You Choose Flowers for Mother's Day?
10. Ready to Choose a Luxurious Mother's Day Bouquet?

*Please note: if you are shopping for bouquets outside of spring some of these bouquets will not be available. We have a wide variety of seasonal bouquets to browse on our online flower shop.*

1. Tulips

Tulips are the ideal choice to include in a Mother's Day bouquet for a happy, easy-going mother.

These colourful Mother's Day flowers are also a symbol of unconditional love.

What could be more perfect?

You may also want to think about tulips on Mother's Day if you and your partner have a new baby.

The blooms are a symbol of new starts and adventures.

And the first Mother's Day as a new mother is definitely new and exciting!

Tulips are available in a multitude of colours from white, yellow, and cream to darker shades like maroon and purple.

So, they're one of the most flexible flower choices when creating a bouquet for Mother's Day.

When you're choosing the colour of these flowers, there are meanings to think about:

- White tulips stand for purity, respect, and honour.
- Yellow tulips are all about happiness and good cheer.
- Red tulips say romance and passion.
- Pink tulips display affection and a caring attitude.
- Purple tulips mean luxury and grandeur.

White, yellow, and pink tulips have meanings that are a great fit for Mother's Day.

But, always be sure to think about your mother's personal tastes too.

2. Daffodils

What could be better than bringing more sunshine into your mother's life on Mother's Day?

Daffodils do just that.

They're bright and beautiful blooms that light up a room.

Daffodils have long been symbolic of hope, joy, and an appreciation of living.

What could be a more positive gift to give than that in recent times?
Daffodils can be found in several colours including pink, orange, and tints of green.

Personally, we love the most common yellow and white colour combination.

This colour pairing looks luxe, classy, and fresh!

Plus, these shades symbolise happiness and warmth.

Feel-good Mother's Day Flowers that have stood the test of time.

3. Carnations

Carnations are traditionally favourite flowers to give on Mother's Day.

This isn't surprising given their delicate beauty.

Master florist Michal at Blooming Haus has a nostalgic soft spot for these fluffy blooms!

Historically they stand for love and devotion.

Yet, Carnations are also known to represent distinction and fascination!

So, if your mother is full of wonder and passion they're an excellent choice.

The natural colours of carnations are shades of pink and purple.

But these flowers have been selectively bred over the years, to produce blooms in white, yellow, orange, red, and green.

If you're thinking of giving carnations to your mother on Mother's Day it's a good idea to check out the meanings of the different colours such as:

- Pink carnations symbolise grattitude.
- White carnations stand for good luck and purity.
- Red carnations are about love and affection.

If your mum is a little quirky and likes to stand out with bold colour choices why not try yellow/orange carnations like the ones pictured above?

Gift something personal to them that they will enjoy.

4. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a delicate flower that symbolises joy, making it a welcome inclusion in a Mother's Day bouquet.

That's not all...

This exquisite bloom also conveys youth.

Now, there's a good way to score some brownie points with your mother!

Add to this symbolism, meanings of purity and sincerity and you can see that the lily of the valley flowers has several positive connotations.

Lily of the valley is known for having delicate white blooms.

However, varieties such as "Rosea" have a pink hue.

Either colour is a great choice for Mother's Day Flowers.

Pink is associated with nurturing, compassion, and softness while white has long been associated with purity.

Did you know that the Lily of The Valley is Queen Elizabeth II's favourite flower too?

These delicate blooms are harder than you might think. 

And, they’re a permanent feature of the floral displays at Buckingham Palace.

5. Anemones

Anemones are often associated with anticipation as their flowers close at night and open again in the morning.

You couldn't ask for a better association when you're giving your mother a Mother's Day surprise.

That's only the start...

These gorgeous flowers also stand for relaxing and embracing the moment.

We could all do with a bit of that ethos given the strange times we've lived in recently.
The most common colours for anemones are white, pink, purple, red, and blue.

Some of these colours have more positive connotations than others.

Take a look to see what we mean:

- White anemones stand for sincerity.
- Purple and blue anemones signify protection from evil.
- Red and pink anemones symbolise lost love or even death.

White, purple, and blue anemones have the most 'mother friendly' meanings, but there is always a time and place for red and pink anemones too.

We know plenty of ladies who love red and pink anemone flowers so personal preference is always important to consider too.

6. Gerbera Daisies

We love the pure joy and brightness that gerbera daisies bring to a bouquet.

They're gorgeous 😍.

And, you can choose single, double, crested double, or full-crested double varieties.

Gerbera daisies also have super positive associations.

This includes symbolising purity, innocence, and beauty.

A great message to send your mother on Mother's Day.
These flowers are commonly bought and found at supermarkets but remember most supermarket bouquets are not sustainable or long-lasting.

Make your Gerbera Daisies can look and feel more expensive by getting a mindful florist to pair them with 2-3 other blooms too that work well.

When it comes to choosing gerbera daisies for Mother's Day, it helps to be aware of colour connotations.

- Pink gerbera daisies stand for grace and admiration.
- Red gerbera daisies signify romantic love and passion.
- White gerbera daisies are associated with purity and innocence.
- Orange and yellow gerbera daisies mean joy, friendship, and warmth.
- Purple gerbera daisies symbolise elegance.

Bear in mind these meanings when you're choosing Mother's Day flowers and don't forget your mother's favourite colour choices either.

She'll most likely be placing them in her living room or kitchen, right? Consider her decor too.

7. Ranunculi

Ranunculus flowers have rose-like petals that are tissue-thin and delicate.

The blooms are available in a variety of colours from pale yellow and cream to darker shades like orange, red, and burgundy.

They're a stunning inclusion in Mother's Day bouquets.

When it comes to meaning, ranunculi symbolise charm and attractiveness.

So, you can tell your mother she's beautiful with flowers.
As well as the overall symbolism of ranunculi, individual colours have different associations:

- Yellow ranunculi are associated with joy, happiness, and positivity.
- Red ranunculi symbolise love and passion.
- Pink ranunculi represent love and gentleness.
- Purple ranunculi are said to have an air of mystery about them.

So, you have the choice to spread joy, love, or mystery.

What's not to love ❤?

8. Violets

Violets flower early in spring making them the perfect fresh and seasonal flower for Mother's Day.

Their delicate blooms add a delicious pop of colour to any bouquet.

And their scent is pretty sweet too.


Violet flowers are available in various types such as single, double, semi-double, star-shaped, fringed, or ruffled.

The most common meaning of violets is love.

They also symbolise dreams, healing, and determination.

So, if your mum has had a difficult time lately, these flowers could be a positive pick-me-up.
Violets are most commonly thought of as having purple/violet flowers.

But, they come in other colours too including pink, red-violet, and pink and white.

When choosing violets as Mother's Day Flowers, it helps to understand the individual colour symbolism of these blooms.

- Purple violets represent imagination and spirituality.
- Pink violets are all about frivolity and fun.
- Blue violets signify freedom, intuition, and sensitivity.
- White violets symbolise purity or innocence.

Choose a mix of colours for stand-out Mother's Day Flowers!

9. How Do You Choose Flowers for Mother's Day?

We live in a busy world and we don't always take the time to show our mothers how much we value them.

Mother's Day gives us the perfect opportunity to make a special effort.

Every mother should be especially spoiled on this day.

And Mother's Day flowers are the perfect way to do this.

Many of us gave our mothers flowers from the garden as children.

Now, we can take our gift up a level and give a luxury floral bouquet for Mother's Day.

The big question is, how do we choose the right flowers?
There are four main points to consider when deciding on the perfect Mother's Day flowers.

It helps to take account of them all when choosing.

Favourite flowers

Your mother may have a flower that's her absolute favourite.

If this is the case, she'll love a bouquet that includes these blooms.


We've talked about some of the colour symbolism of flowers but there's also some general colour symbolism to be aware of:

- Red is not often associated with passion, energy, and strength.
- Green symbolises harmony and balance.
- Purple and violet are connected with spiritual awareness, vision, magic, and mystery.
- White is about purity and innocence.
- Orange is strongly associated with warmth, security and well-being.
- Yellow means optimism and hopefulness.


The scent of flowers can be really important to some people.

You'll probably know if your mother loves highly scented flowers.

If so, go for it.

If not, opt for a mild scent or concentrate on visually beautiful blooms with little or no aroma.


Protecting the planet is hugely important.

At Blooming Haus we're passionate about sustainability and we know our clients are too.

The good news is that you can give the gift of Mother's Day flowers and be kind to the environment.

Opt for flowers that are in season as this reduces damage from transportation.

And choose a florist with a sustainable ethos.

Our dedication to sustainability is shown by the actions we take such as:

- Using green energy to power our studio.
- Working with local company Ecofleet to deliver our beautiful bouquets and arrangements by bicycle.
- Composting all our organic waste.
- Reusing flower buckets and packaging.
- Sourcing as many supplies as possible from local suppliers.
- Using as many probiotic cleaning products as possible

You can see how working with a sustainability-focused florist like Blooming Haus helps to take care of the world around you.
Can't decide on one particular type of flower to give to your mum on Mother's Day?

No problem.

You can choose a mixed bouquet with several flower types that complement each other.

For example, carnations and ranunculi make good companions as do tulips and anemones.

Think carefully about flower colour as well as type.

Soft pastel shades like pink, blue, and white are fresh and beautiful.

A combination of yellow and white is also a good choice for a spring event like Mother's Day.

10. Ready to Choose a Luxurious Mother's Day Bouquet?

Ready to find the perfect Mother's Day Flowers for your mother?

That's great news.

We're here to make the choice easier for you.

You can browse our full Mother's Day spring bouquet collection now on our online flower shop.

Shop Now

For special request please contact us to discuss in more details.
Our team of expert luxury florists in London knows how important it is to make the right flower choices on this special day.

Our master florists Michal and Michael have both been strongly influenced by the female figures in their lives.

Michal speaks fondly of how his passion for flowers comes from his mother and grandma.

And, Michael reminisces about time spent in his grandma's garden.

Their dedication to excellence in the art of floristry is influenced by these strong relationships.

And they are passionate about using their talents to help customers show their love for their mothers.

Take a look at the stunning Mother Day flowers at the Blooming Haus online shop.

Got a question? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

We'd love to hear from you.

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