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Our Gaia bouquet is hand-tied and made up lovingly by one of our Blooming Haus florists and delivered to you or your loved one by our specialised delivery company.  Composed of celosias, rudbeckias, phlox, oregano, and fragrant stocks.  For special requests, please contact us directly. Sustainability

Introducing Gaia - our first creation from whom all other bouquets in our Greek Goddesses collection sprang!

As the matriarch of mother earth, by design, this bouquet seeks to capture the essence of life, celebrating all things in existence. 

Admire her, just for a moment, and let her swirling celosias present you with her most awe-inspiring apparitions. 

Perhaps she’ll transport you to coral reefs that bring an abundance of life to even the deepest and darkest of places, or her resilient rudbeckias whose determination to survive wherever they’re planted is encouragement enough for us all to live life to the fullest. Infused with oregano, we seek, through Gaia, to bring you more health and joy and to intensify that love that is within and without you, always! 

As a gift,  our Gaia pink and purple bouquet reminds us that even amongst the chaos, we can all enjoy the simple magic of just being.