We Take Sustainability Seriously

Blooming Haus is proud to be B Corp® Certified!

B Corp certifications are only awarded to companies with the highest verified social and environmental performance standards, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. ⁠

Learn more about what it means for both our customers and clients here.
We're taking real climate action! Our sustainability impact partnering with Ecologi so far:
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A large part of how we massively reduce our carbon footprint at Blooming Haus has a lot to do with our valued partnerships with not only Ecologi, but National Forest, Woodland Trust, and Trees for Cities. With their help, every year, we plant hundreds of trees in the U.K. and internationally. Come back soon for more updates as we work to fully illustrate our ongoing impact with our sustainability partners at National Forest, Woodland Trust, and Trees for Cities too. 

*All of the Carbon offsetting programmes we are involved in are verified by independent third parties.

Trust through Transparency

At Blooming Haus, we're committed to being as transparent as possible when it comes to our sustainability, so you can make well-informed decisions that help support a brighter future for everyone. We strive to be as open as possible about our tree-planting programs, where we source our flowers - even the vehicles and supplies we use. Our goal for the near future is to help you see the exact impact you’re making when you choose us. Thanks to our dedicated and diligent team, you can rest assured that we only use, or partner with, the highest quality, regulated, and trusted companies to deliver our service.

Tree Planting

We're passionate about tree planting. That's why:

- If you plan your wedding flowers with us, we fund a tree to be planted in your name.

- If you buy something from our online shop, we fund a tree to be planted in your name.

- If you become a long-term corporate client of ours, we fund a tree to be planted in your brand's name, annually.

We do this not only as a thank you for your support, but out of a desire to give back from what we take. By reforesting our woodlands and forests, we can help maintain a healthy balance while protecting and restoring biodiversity around the world, in the areas and communities that need it most. As many studies and organisations have highlighted, tree planting is one of the critical initiatives in the fight against climate change.

We Work with Responsible Growers

At Blooming Haus, we pride ourselves on the sustainability of our blooms and foliage, taking the time and care to source eco-conscious options when available diligently and within the brief. We are confident and proud of our long-standing relationships with all of our suppliers. Any flowers that can only be imported are sourced from producers with the highest eco-friendly standards and who share a similar sustainability ethos with their businesses. By 2025, 90% of our sources outside the UK will be classed as. ‘sustainable’ in their production.
Proud Member of The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative
Members of The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative share the goal of finding more sustainable solutions for farmers, for the environment, and for the future of the floriculture sector, and set themselves the ambition to have 90% of flowers and plants responsibly produced and traded while helping others in the industry work towards a transparent and responsible supply chain by 2025.

As a member we’re helping drive improvements on sustainability key topics by implementing field and research projects. Results are shared and used within the network to strengthen practices and ensure progress towards the shared ambition.

The FSI2025 ambition is centred around three pillars – responsible production & trade, responsible conduct and integrated reporting – plus the FSI governance framework, providing a comprehensive approach to supply chain sustainability. You can learn more about the FSI here.  

Meet Michael, Co-Founder & In-House Chartered Environmentalist

We're redefining what success means - and believe the sustainability of a business to be a huge part of that.

Success means nothing to our team if it's detrimental to our communities, environment, and workplace. Our goal has always been to break the mould, this includes finding and building new, better ways, to do what we do. By actively minimising our environmental footprint, we've fostered a culture of sustainability at Blooming Haus that's mindful of both people and the planet. For us, it's allowed us to expand the reach of our work and create a long-lasting positive impact - which makes us, our clients and our customers feel good!

By leading through example, we hope to help businesses of all shapes and sizes recognise the importance of taking responsible action; show them that it is possible and, most importantly, inspire them to take action, so that together, we can forge a brighter path for the future of not only our businesses but the world.

Blooming Haus Chartered Environmentalist

Did You Know?

  • We use 100% green energy to power our studio.
  • For smaller local deliveries, we partner with an emissionless company which delivers our arrangements using bicycles.
  • Our fleet of vehicles is fully electric, thereby reducing emissions and participating in the fight to improve our cities’ air quality.
  • All our organic waste is composted and NOT sent to landfill.
  • We avoid (where possible) using materials that are not compostable.
  • Flower buckets and delivery packaging are always reused, sent back to our suppliers, or recycled.
  • Carton boxes and all other recyclable packaging in which we receive our supplies are recycled.
  • Our suppliers also use organisations such as the Soil Association and the Rainforest Alliance, which quality-check the supplies and give them a ‘seal’ of approval regarding the ethical production and sourcing of the flowers.
  • The cleaning products we use are probiotic, not only keeping our space clean and employees safe but also avoiding potentially dangerous chemicals entering and affecting our aquatic ecosystems.
Recent Projects We're Involved In
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We're always looking to get involved in projects that benefit the planet, biodiversity and local communities. If you're working on something you would like to share with our team, please contact us to discuss.
Taking Action for Our Planet
It doesn’t end here! Our team is hellbent on maximising our positive impact while simultaneously spearheading new initiatives that help us improve what we do and how we do it. Watch this space. Climate action comes in all shapes and sizes, so why not browse our additional resources below to learn more?


Guides and articles to assist you with your journey to a more eco-friendly future.
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