Town Hall Hotel Wedding

Peter and Richard had known each other for a few years before they decided to tie the knot. Their wedding took place in the Town Hall Hotel. In order to make it very special, they decided to customise all the candles and also present them as wedding favours. Final touch was added with all the hired wooden tables for the reception that created a complete modern rustic and cosy look. 

Town Hall Hotel Wedding Flowers

The chosen colour scheme of flower arrangements was washed pinks and greens. The style was reminiscent of a lush English garden.

The ceremony room was adorned with two large flower arrangements in stone urns on matching pedestals, beautifully framing the wedding couple during the vows exchange. This symmetrical frame provided a static and classic backdrop for the ceremony.

As for the reception tables, centerpieces were made in clay vases. A mix of roses, eustomas, tulips and dills introduced a splash of colour and garden fragrance to the tables. To top it up, French brass and golden golden candlesticks in different sizes and shapes adored the tables and created an interesting composition. Nordic pink candles were lit just before the party arrived at the venue. What a day and night it was!

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