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Dedication to our craft and an obsession with stand-out floristry transformed our modest pop-up store in Chelsea, South West London, into a large visionary floral studio filled with roses, sweet peas, orchids, peonies, and a boundless scope for creativity. In 2014, we launched Blooming Haus!

Our unwavering commitment to make sure customers are always satisfied with their arrangements grew a large and loyal clientele. At Blooming Haus, we have extensive experience designing large installations, editorial projects, corporate events, galas, personal celebrations, and elegant weddings. We work hard to consistently break the mould and deliver floral arrangements beyond your expectations. In addition to extraordinary floral arrangements in 2020, we launched our online store. Uniquely, we don’t have assembly lines to box up our blooms; you will always find us at the design table, focused on creativity and sustainability.

Our hands-on approach means we can offer a more design-driven, sophisticated visual aesthetics. Our suppliers grow the wide variety of chosen flowers and foliage until they are ready to be picked at the peak of freshness. Whether you are looking for lavish or simplistic arrangements, we would love to show you how we work. You can read some of the five-star reviews we have received on Google or Facebook to get a taste of the Blooming Haus experience.

2023 - Blooming Haus Team

Meet our founders and
the team

Master Florist Michal Kowalski & business partner Michael Dariane. Together, our team at Blooming Haus proudly continues to challenge the status quo. We each bring a perfect blend of creativity and sustainability to the table.


Foraging for rare flowers and unusual plants, discovering new varieties and exploring the beauty of the natural habitat is one of my biggest joys. My childhood memories are steeped in the countryside at my grandparents’ house, although I grew up in a small city in Poland.

I spent countless hours foraging around their beautiful garden and my unbridled passion for flowers, definitely stems from my grandma and mother. Both big influences on my life, they were avid gardeners. So much of my childhood was shaped by endless days spent tending to Grandma’s colourful garden, soaking up the sunset, sipping home-grown mint tea, eating crumble cake with homegrown plums, cherries or rhubarb. Her garden was always in bloom, a shock of stunning colours with different type of roses, dahlias, zinnias, forget-me-nots, clematis, or sweet peas climbing on a lamp post.”

“Studying Master Floristry in Switzerland and Austria, was all encompassing and totally unique. The course combined art and floristry – so that meant studying architectural styles, understanding colour, psychology of colour, principles of design, understanding forms and shapes to trend forecasting, botanics, expansive plant and flower knowledge, as well as gaining invaluable insight into different materials, fabrics, textures to visual merchandising.

Today, one of my biggest joys as a Master Florist, is unearthing less common types of flowers such as perfumed roses, David Austin roses, parrot tulips, or new varieties of clematis.

My overriding pleasure in creating floral art is the subtle juxtaposition of artistry and design to produce something of intrinsic beauty, so people can indulge in the sheer delight.

2023 - Blooming Haus - Michal Kowalski


I grew up in the Lebanese Mediterranean mountains in swelteringly hot summers and freezing winters, where the extreme mountain climate created the perfect conditions for all flora to thrive. This set the seed of my unwavering interest in planting vegetables and growing flowers, which I would always overwater as a child, fearing they would dry up.

I loved the beautiful palette of colours in different seasons - of irises, anemones, poppies, wild thyme, hyacinths or crocuses covering fields.

My overriding childhood memories are filled with apple-picking at my grandma’s, and the enormous rose bush that still grows next to her wisteria-covered pagoda. After all these years, it still continues to bloom every spring and summer. Even today, Grandma’s pagoda is the central point for every family meet up on Sunday afternoons”.

“I just close my eyes for a second, and I can still visualise the delightful colours and smell those magical flowering aromas. My obsession with planting, not surprisingly over the years, developed into a deeper interest in the environment and creating green living spaces.

2023 - Blooming Haus - Michael Dariane


Growing up, anything creative, I flourished in. Maths? Not so much. As a child, I was always singing, dancing, or outside (falling out of treehouses that me and my friends had haphazardly thrown together with scavenged pieces of wood). Ever since I can remember, I was obsessed with the written word and the power of language. At university, I turned my obsession into a study and left with a 1st class Bachelor of Arts degree in English and American Literature. For me, it was the most life-enhancing 3 years of my life. No definitive answers existed, just blank pages where we were encouraged to explore meaning and question everything.

Now an avid traveller (or what they call a nomad - personally, I'm not too fond of that word), I recently swapped the rainy clouds of Manchester for beachside bliss in West Wales. When I'm not traversing the rugged coastal paths, you'll either find me in the ocean or arranging flowers around the home.

As a marketeer, for the past 4 years, I've dedicated my entire career to keeping ethical and sustainable businesses at the forefront of positive change so that together, we can all make better consumer choices and help build a brighter future for everyone! Through my work, my mission is to make you see, to make you feel, and before all else, to make an impact. So while Blooming Haus' creations often escape the confines of language, translating the life and lustre of the team's floral artistry into the businesses online presence and sharing it with the world is a role that I relish in.

Sustainable Florist


Originally born and raised in Germany, I came to London to study at Central Saint Martins University of Arts, where I graduated in fashion and design. While soaking up the intriguing culture, learning everything I could learn, and revelling in different ways of thinking, making and doing, I simulatensouly fell in love with this city and its people.

For me, floristry is more than just a career; it's an almost spiritual practice. Artfully employing flowers in my work feels like coming home; it brings me an abundance of love and peace. As a result, I often have those pinch-me moments where I think to myself, "this is my job". I truly love what I do and the team of talented creatives surrounding me at Blooming Haus. Each of us encourages one other to consistently break the mould and scour all of the conceivable resources available to us to create designs that are nothing short of spectacular. It's an enriching space to be a part of.

Just like comedy inspires laughter, I'm continuously fascinated, excited, and enchanted by how innovative floral design impacts others, the look on their face, the light it sparks inside of them, and the joy that our creations and designs can bring. My favourite floral designs are playful, romantic, and modern because they often force us to enjoy the magic that lies beyond our comfort zones.

Floral styling for events, photoshoots, weddings and weekly house and corporate accounts is where I enjoy exercising my creativity the most because I get to evoke different emotions and innovative stories through my work. The world needs creativity...and doughnuts! Did I mention I LOVE doughnuts?

Charlotte Diercks


Ideas and execution


We've been featured and listed in many prominent blogs and magazines.

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