Unleash Your Artistry At Our Spring Floral Design Masterclass (2023)

Have you heard? We're running a Floral Design Masterclass this spring! 😀
Get ready to step into this season with a fresh perspective, unleash your artistry, and revel in the mood-boosting effects of flowers.
In recent times, flowers have been a source of happiness and joy for many of us...
We designed this masterclass to help spread the good vibes, while promoting sustainability, and helping you to grow your skills.
Enjoy a eco-friendly hobby and learn how to purchase flowers more sustainably.
Be coached by Blooming Haus' Luxury Master Florists Michal Kowalski and Michael Dariane.
Arrange your own simple but stunning floral creation.
And more!
Available to shop as part of our spring collection on our online flower boutique at Shop,
You don’t need any special skills or experience.
Even if you've never as much as put flowers in a vase before.
You can experience the pure joy of floral design at this event.
The Benefits of Floral Design 
Artist Claude Monet said:
"I must have flowers, always and always."
This love of flowers inspired his painting of sunflowers.
Monet also had a stunning garden at his home in Giverny, France.
Today, “The Fondation Claude Monet” runs the garden as a visitor attraction. 
You don't have to be Monet for flowers to pique your imagination.
They have the power to ignite a spark in all of us.
Floral design can help:
Unlock your creative potential.
Improve your mood.
Grow your design skills and opportunities.
Help you focus on a hobby that is healthy for your mind and body.
At the caution of sounding bias... there’s nothing quite like the power of a flower. 😀
Rethinking How You Buy Flowers
What many people don't know or don't often realise is that the way they purchase flowers effects everyone.
Flowers that are mass-produced, grown out of season or shipped halfway across the world all contribute to our carbon footprint.
What if we told you that shopping more sustainably for your flowers was possible for everyone?
Would you?
And it's so easy too - you just have to know how!
It's time to stop buying supermarket-bought bundles and buy fresh, local, seasonal flowers.
Not only will they last longer, but you'll be putting your best foot forward in helping to create a brighter future for everyone.
Inspire others with floristry that:
Looks incredible
Promotes happiness
Is eco-friendly
Why not share this experience with your friends and family by bringing them along too?
It's a great bonding experience after being isolated for so long.

Is Floristry For You?
Arranging flowers may seem complicated - but with the right guidance, it doesn't have to be.
You may be wondering...
Can you really put together a design that looks good?
Can you really escape from run-of-the-mill shop-bought flowers?
How can you choose the right colours and understand what flowers are in season?
Available to shop as part of our spring collection on our online flower boutique at Blooming Haus Online Flower Shop.
Don't worry.
We're here to guide you through the process step-by-step making it easy to understand.
All you need is a desire to learn.
Don't stress.
This is no pressure at this event, the main thing is to have fun!
The rest will fall into place.
You can learn about;
Colours and pairings.
Eye-popping presentation.
Purchasing flowers and looking after your arrangements.
It's simply a bonus that you will also get some insight into how you are making a difference to the environment.
Understand Sustainable Flower Design
Environmental problems may seem overwhelming.
The media bombards us with scenes of destruction and global warming.
But, small steps together make a big difference to wildlife and nature threats.
You CAN help the planet and enjoy the experience.
Plus, with everything going on right now, arranging flowers centres your mind and relieves stress.
The best part?
Eco-friendly floral design means you don't to feel guilty about it.
Our floral design maestros at Blooming Haus have a unique approach that combines flair and high-level design with sustainability.
We're sharing our insights and passion with you at our Floral Spring Masterclass 2023.
Make Friends and Socialise
The last year hasn't been the easiest for anyone.
We've all been sealed away in our own bubbles.
The situation is starting to change for the better.
Now, it's time to socialise in a safe and sensible way.
Meet others…
Have fun…
Meet Michal, read more about Blooming Haus here
What better way to do this than by exploring the beauty of flowers together?
Our team has created a safe and welcoming space for you with social distancing measures in place.
You don't have to worry about your surroundings.
You can just turn up and immerse yourself in the therapeutics of floral design.
Where & When Is The Masterclass?
We love meeting green-fingered enthusiasts...
So, our masterclass takes place at our flower studio in Battersea, London.
Michal and Michael will also accompany you to the New Covent Garden Market.
Here, you will, see seasonal flowers and, learn the skill of sustainable flower shopping.
Then, return to the studio and create your own floral masterpiece.
Click here to see when our Spring Masterclass takes place this year.

Don't miss it.
Spring only comes around once a year.
Is This Masterclass For You?
Concerned about having no experience with floral design?
Don't worry.
This event is for everyone from novices to budding professionals.
All you need is a passion to learn and a willingness to unlock your creativity.

This is an inclusive class where we share our love of flowers.
We aim to spread happiness, inspiration, and a sustainable ethos.  
If this sounds good to you.
Come and join us.
Meet Master Florist's Michal Kowalski and Michael Dariane
Master Florist Michal Kowalski and business partner Michael Dariane have earned a reputation as one of London's most luxury florists.
Michal grew up in Poland where his passion for foraging rare flowers began.
His love of floristry deepened through days spent in his grandma's garden and years of study in Switzerland and Austria. Here he learned architectural styles, colour psychology, and design principles. Today, his passion is creating intrinsically beautiful floral designs.

Michael's journey began in the Lebanese Mediterranean mountains, where he lived as a child. Like Michal, his grandma's garden had a huge influence on his life. He can still imagine the colours and scents to this day. They forged his love of planting and his passion for protecting the environment.

Together, Michal and Michael harness their respect for the planet with their desire to discover rare and unusual flowers. They produce innovative floral structures inspired by the beauty of architecture. Their ethos is to design aesthetically stunning floristry that respects the environment.

Renowned as fashion-forward pioneers, their big-name clients include Bulgari, Mark's Club, and Vogue.
Their work is often intended to escape the confines of any words - you have to see it for yourself. Witness it in person as Michael and Michal share their skill, energy, and passion with you at this one-of-a-kind spring masterclass.
Itinerary for the day:

7:30am - Meet at Blooming Haus studio, Battersea.
7:45am - Proceed to New Covent Garden Flower Market.
8:00am - Arrive and tour market.
9:15am - Group to make their way back to the studio.
9:30am - Arrive back at the studio, coffee and locally produced pastries served.
10:00am - Commence masterclass.
1:30pm - Masterclass finishes.

During our time together, expect:

Tips and tricks for creating simple but elegant floral designs.
Supportive and friendly learning.
Immersive opportunities for discovering your own creativity.
Dedication to sustainable floristry.
The chance to make new friends.
Locally sourced coffee with balanced flavour notes accompanied by light, flaky pastries.
By the end of the day, you will be able to make smart, sustainable floristry choices.
You will also know how to design a manageable floral creation that's a showstopper.
Price & How to Book Your Spot

This unique floral design experience costs £195.

The price includes:
Sustainable flower shopping trip to Covent Garden
Coffee and pastries.
Interactive floral masterclass.
A floral arrangement designed by you to take home and impress your friends.
Secure your place at a Blooming Haus Floral Design Masterclass on Friday 21st May, Friday 4th or Friday 18th June.
While you're booking for the event, why not explore our online flower shop.
We recently uploaded our new spring collection, delivering to all London postcodes.

See how we turn the beauty of flowers into breathtaking bouquets and arrangements.

Spark your imagination.

Then bring your ideas to life at the masterclass.

We look forward to meeting you, and creating together.

If you want to know more about the event, or have any questions, please email us at We would love to hear from you.
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