The Importance of Floral Design in Retail & Hospitality 2024

London’s hospitality and retail industries are booming once again – and it’s such a joy to see!

With most places back open indoors and outdoors after lockdown,  many businesses are looking to corporate flower design to up their ante and engage customers.

It’s time to make your impact!

At Blooming Haus, we work with well-known names such as MouBluebird ChelseaBulgari and more!

Discover how we can elevate the experience at your hotel, retail store, restaurant or bar. 

It’s an investment that connects you to your customers, often tripling returns, increasing brand loyalty, and boosting your marketing.

Note: All of the images in this blog are taken from projects we designed for our clients in the hospitality and retail industries. 
Why Clever Flower Design is Vital to London’s Hospitality & Retail Industries
In short, they connect you with your customer! Flowers are living things and they create a real impact.
Particularly this year in 2024 more than ever there is a renewed focus on greenery, nature, health and wellbeing.
For most of us immersing ourselves in nature during lockdown was a haven, a real life-enhancer, bringing us much-needed peace in a crazy world. So, why stop at lockdown? Science has proven the effects of flowers on humans which we discussed in our NASA blog. Not only do they boost your mood they can even purify the air! Something I’m sure none of us would turn our nose up at in these times.
Couple those facts, with an awe-inspiring design unlike anything they’ve ever seen before,  you’ll remind your customers what it is to dream, wonder, and before all us to feel ALIVE again.

Now THAT’s hospitality.

At Blooming Haus, corporate and event floristry often provides us with a boundless opportunity for our artistic flair and creativity to truly flourish. In an ever-changing, and increasingly dynamic world breaking the mould in business isn’t just welcomed, it’s expected.

Whether you’re looking for a full large-scale conceptual design throughout the space or smaller installations for specific dining, drinking, or lobby areas, we can help.

It’s time to let your brand values bloom! The debonair touch of innovatively crafted florals in your corporate space is the focal point of your brand positioning. They should speak volumes about who you are, what you do, and what you stand for while implying a look to an even more illustrious future.
We create floral mise-en-scènes will breathe real life into your marketing!
Want to know more about the power of flowers in the hospitality and retail industries? 

Let’s talk hotels, retail,  restaurants, and bars! 
Why Are Flower Arrangements Important to The Hotel Industry?
When we think of hospitality most of us think of our favourite hotel, right?

Hotels and the teams that run them are some of the most hospitable people in the world.

They know how to make you feel a million dollars.

That’s why any good hotelier knows the importance of flowers.


• Elicit the wow response
• Make you feel appreciated and special
• Exude pure luxury
Do your hotel justice and pick a stand-out floral designer who is more than just florists adorning your space but are ARTISTS! Thoughtful and insightful flower design provides an immersive and mood-lifting experience for guests the minute they arrive. 
And that’s not all…

• The beauty and fragrance of flowers create a strong connection between your customers and your brand. 
• Lobby flower designs create unique photo experiences for guests who then share the images across social media which means free marketing for you. 
• Fresh and exciting flower arrangements make your brand stand out as vital and modern. 
What Types of Flower Arrangements do Hotels Use?
Flowers have unique colours, scents and meanings, so there’s no one size fits all approach to designing floral arrangements for the hospitality and retail industries. 

At Blooming Haus, we love putting our creative skills to use helping hoteliers create luxury standout designs
From stylish and sparkling white installations to driftwood sculptures or wildflower table creations, we’ll create designs that reflect your vision and more,  while simultaneously being aligned with your brand values and, of course, appealing to your existing clientele. 
Wondering where to go with your hotel florals?
Get in touch and we’ll be happy to meet with you to begin fleshing out your floral designs. 

We’ve also got some insider tips to start you on your inspiration journey. 

• Luxury boutique premises are all about taking guests on a unique journey from the minute they step into the lobby so creativity and intrigue is vital. 
• Rustic and wildflower design choices can add a welcoming and soothing vibe to highly contemporary spaces. 
• The aesthetic should match that of the hotel.
• Vivid and varied colours exude flamboyance, playfulness, and help to capitalise on special seasonal events.
• Floral displays aren’t always solely about flowers. Additions structural elements can be included and innovative materials too.  
What size should floral arrangements in hotels be?
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to floral design. 

1. Upon your initial enquiry with us, we will set up our online design consultation. During this meeting, we will get to know one another, learn more about your event,  and listen to any ideas you may already have about floral aesthetics.

2. Next, it’s time to see your chosen venue and meet you in person. Together,  with our art direction, we willfully conceptualise your floral designs in situ, unearthing the details that will form the foundation of your floral arrangements. Colours, textures, shapes, and architectural features all play an integral role, alongside the desired positioning and prominence of the floral installations.  

3. From here, we will refine the designs through detailed drawings before sourcing trusted suppliers to grow the wide variety of chosen flowers and foliage until they are ready to be picked and delivered to us fresh. Your floral masterpieces will then be tastefully constructed

4. Beyond flowers, finishing touches make a real difference to the impact of your event. At blooming haus, for a more holistic approach to aesthetics, we offer styling services to assist you with additional elements such as linens, crockery, and furniture to ensure all components are cohesive and balanced. 
All arrangements should be part of your overall design strategy
What Are The Benefits of Using Flowers in Retail
If you’re offering luxury products, luxury floral design is the natural choice. They simply elevate the experience, highlighting or promoting a particular collection, theme, or event. If your products don’t quite get them through the door, our floral installations will!
• Your shop window will be enticing, increase brand awareness and help you stand out on the high street.

• They add another level of storytelling to your retail brand it’s less about what you sell these days and more about who you are and what you have to offer.

• In retail, appearances matter. Creative floral installation adds class and wonder to your store.
Our safari-scape window display at Mou pictured above was made entirely from dried needle grasses and bunny tails. It was designed to align with their slogan “Live simply. Love nature”.  Inspired by the wilds of nature, Mou mixes traditional hand-crafted techniques with urban styling to create warm, durable and sensually soft boots.
What Are The Benefits of Using Flowers in a Restaurant?
Wondering whether investing in floral design for your restaurant is a good idea? 

There are sound financial and commercial reasons for using floral design in the hospitality and retail industries and spaces such as your restaurant. 

• The psychology of colour enhances customer experience, bright colours bring energy while whites and greens create a calm and relaxing environment. 

• Flowers turn your restaurant into the ideal place to celebrate a special occasion and also help you capitalise on seasonal events such as christmas, valentines, branded promo collaborations etc. 

• Floral creations elicit positive emotions turning your establishment into a place that people will love and return to. 
To get the maximum impact for your investment there are some useful tips:

• Choose Flowers And Colours That Are In Keeping With The Overall Theme And Vibe Of Your Restaurant.

• Cleverly Accent The Space To Create Talking Points And Photo Opportunities.

• Be Wary With Strong Fragrances As They Can Interfere With Taste. Have questions about these tips?

No problem… Just comment on this post and we’d be happy to help. 
Why Use Fresh Flowers in a Bar?
It’s not just hotels and restaurants where flowers can transform the space. Hospitality extends to bars too. Cool and quirky floral structures in a bar create a unique and unforgettable ambience
Try and think back to all the floral designs you’ve seen in hospitality and retail spaces, which one do you remember the most and why?

There are a few points to remember to optimise the use of flowers in your bar:

• Colours and scents should enhance your overall theme not clash with it.

• Practicalities need to be considered; that stunning display on the bar is not going to • be great for business if it hinders the bar staff when they’re serving.

• Floral structures can be used to create intimate spaces in a large bar without cutting out natural light.

We’ve worked with bars in London enhancing their spaces with our unique structures using a sustainable floral design

Contact us at contact@bloominghaus.comto learn more. 
Looking for Sustainable Floral Creations?
Concerned about keeping your business sustainable?

Sustainable hospitality and retail is having its moment. … and we don’t think that trend is going anywhere. Forging a brighter future for everyone is at the forefront of most people’s minds. We know that sustainability is a huge deal in terms of ethical concerns and reporting. The great news is that we’re right with you. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Blooming Haus. We believe it’s our duty to give back what we take. That’s why we’re so passionate about minimising our carbon footprint. 
Take a look at just a few of the ways we’re doing this:

• Powering our studio using green energy.
• Composting organic waste.
• Reusing flower buckets.
• Recycling packaging.
• Sourcing flowers locally wherever possible.
• Using suppliers who are associated with organisations such as the soil association and the rainforest alliance.
• Using probiotic cleaning products.
• Working with national forest and the woodland trust to plant trees when we complete our projects.

We consider sustainability in everything we do. 
This means that you get luxury floral design solutions for your hospitality or retail business while boosting your sustainability profile
Ready to Explore Your Corporate Floral Design Options?
You can see how valuable floral designs are to the hospitality and retail industries. It’s more than adorning a space, it’s about telling your story, creating an impact, stirring conversation, increasing user-generated content, boosting brand loyalty and so much more! Ready to start your floral design journey with Blooming Haus for your hospitality or retail business? We’re here to help you with our specialist luxury floral design services in London. We’ll work with you to ensure that your design strategy is optimised for your business and your customers. Concerned about keeping your floral designs fresh and current? We know how important this is. 
You need to keep your overall ethos while always presenting an experience that’s current and vital
This is especially important for returning guests who don’t want to be welcomed with the same stale decor every time. Flowers give you the perfect opportunity to change and innovate without making expensive structural changes. 
Contract Flowers by Blooming Haus
Our subscription and delivery service enables you to keep your premises contemporary and original
Here’s why many of our corporate clients in hospitality and retail also choose our contract flowers service.
Boost Business
At Blooming Haus London, our stand-out floral mise-en-scènes will breathe real life into your marketing!
Create unforgettable first impressions and exciting talking points with arrangements that speak volumes about who you are and what you offer. Beyond first impressions, research has shown flowers and living plants can help boost the mood and reduce stress leading to happier and more productive staff.
Immersive Luxury
For retail, restaurants, bars, or hotels, immerse your guests in the epitome of true luxury.
Cue our regal floral creations!
From small dinner table centrepieces to large, full-scale arrangements, the debonair touche of floral finesse makes all the difference.
We can incorporate corporate colours and combine them with our artistic flair to create designs that are perfectly balanced to have the desired effect.
Or, utilise our expert art direction and use colours and flowers that compliment your space to make a unique statement.
Seamless Set-Up & Weekly Tendering
Enjoy a seamless set-up before your venue opens to the public and wow your guests from the get-go.
As well as a reliable and regular supply of freshly curated, long-lasting floral arrangements, we include weekly tendering to maintain a flawless finish.
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