Master Florist Exhibition in Austria

Our Blooming Haus journey started in 2014 when we launched as a pop store in High Street Kensington, London. Back then, still as a small boutique store, we dreamt big and carefully planned our career to become a master florist studio.

Through the years we've specialised in wedding and event floristry, proving this up with many professional floristry and business qualifications, including the prestigious master florist Academy of Floral Design's in Switzerland. 

Fruits of our final exhibition, backed by months-long preparations, drawings, sketches, mood boards, consultations, and trials are seen in some of the pictures below.   

Master Florist Exhibition

Master Florist Bridal Bouquet

What do most women wear daily? With nail varnish as a decorative element for a bridal bouquet we decided to create a solid base painted subtly with pink and blue colours, showcasing a palette of a mix dozen of other colour combinations. By means of that, a bride that holds such a bouquet in her hand, carries a symbol of a colourful matrimony.

Alternative Vase 

Could bamboo become a vase? As a matter of fact, each bamboo segment can be used as an individual fillable container. The following concept presents three rows of ascending and descending bamboo vases, paired with delicate wiry blossoms and plant material that represented a jungle forest. Contrasts of whites and greens, with soft amis, amaranthus and grasses along leathery anthuriums livens up this joyful arrangement.

Hand-tied Bouquet Master Florist Reimagined

It was a story of an alternative bouquet, born out of a concept of floral photography with a small twist. Instead of using fresh flowers, we built this hand-tied bouquet with dried branches, foraged from our local countryside meadows. All flowers were photographed and printed on transparent foil, and subsequently ‘arranged' in this conforming form. 

Wreath of Thousands Grasses

What is a recipe for a show-stopper? Twenty thousand grasses ornamenting a round wreath, hanging from a custom-made construction rotating around its own axis. This work received tens of queries about its thought process, the making of and built.

Truly, it wasn't an easy task. As grasses are a living material which dries out fast without a water source it was a fight against time. A team of 4 florists worked on the wreath for almost 24 hours. One can admire the effects of this undertaking in the following few photos. We were honoured and exhilarated to present the results to all visitors.

Planted Arrangement

Gunnera manicata, also called a giant rhubarb, is a plant native to Brazil’s jungle. Its leaves can reach up to 2m width and its height often exceeds 3 metres. Although Gunnera is an invasive species, it is a popular garden plant due to its unmet, almost prehistoric appearance. You can find some wonderful gunneras at Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.

Two-piece Table

We continued to embrace the theme of our exhibition works and used green bamboo to create flower pods. We vertically placed the cut bamboo in a prearranged pattern. Thus we formed a pleasing organic link between the two tables and enhanced the connection between the guests sitting in front of each other.
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