The Best Potted Plants for Office

Although they have a reputation for being drab and uninspiring, offices can be extremely creative places, if they’ve been designed and decorated right. And one easy way of brightening up its appearance is by using potted plants for office to decorate the space. You can place them almost anywhere, from the reception desk and staff area, to conference rooms and desks, and they will always brighten things up.

Flowers can illuminate an office like nothing else, doing wonders for improving the atmosphere. According to research by the University of Exeter in 2013, flowers in the office were noted to improve the wellbeing of staff by up to 47%, as well as boost creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%. They also increase happiness levels, boosting the mood of staff, and lower the chances of work-related stress, thanks to their soothing natural beauty.

Here at Blooming Haus, our speciality is designing floral masterpieces for corporate events, including offices, venues and exterior space. Whatever the requirements or layout of your office, our floral arrangements can reflect your brand values.

What are the best potted plants for office?


Orchids come in a variety of sizes so no matter how big or small your office is, you can easily find space for them. Large, dramatic varieties can be placed in communal spaces like conference rooms, reception and waiting areas, covering up any excessive space, while smaller orchids can be placed on desks to brighten up employees’ workspaces.That's why it makes them one of the best potted plants for office.

Orchids are long-lasting, provided you water them often, and give them the right level of humidity. However, you should avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, as this can burn their leaves. The easiest orchid to bloom is a moth orchid, while dendrobiums are available in a beautiful array of different colours.

African Violet

This small flowering potted plant has fuzzy leaves and produces clusters of little blooms, taking up very little space, which makes it a perfect flower to decorate your own desk. African violets bloom all year round, but require quite a bit of maintenance. They are particularly picky about how they are watered, and require lukewarm or room temperature water, before being left to stand for 48 hours. You should also only water the soil of your African violet, and never the foliage.

African violets also need to be exposed to bright to medium intensity sunlight, so they are not suited for the darker corners of your office space. African violets are available in many colours, including pink, purple, magenta and blue so will add colour to a plain office, and they also bloom all year long.
Exciting events for new product ranges or services also offer the potential for choosing relevant flowers, such as food-themed blooms for a restaurant’s launch of a new menu, or seasonal arrangements for Christmas and Halloween parties. Conversely, more low-key events, like internal meetings, will benefit from a more laid back approach. These types of events can utilise table centrepieces, and may benefit from fewer fragrant varieties, so that your guests aren’t overwhelmed by the floral scent when eating and drinking.


These large, bright, long-stemmed flowers are deceptively delicate. However, they also last a long time, and can add a pop of colour in their soft and warm red, pink or orange varieties. As potted plants for office, hibiscus requires bright light, moderate temperatures and a deep and plenty of watering once the soil is dry to the touch. 

To keep these beautiful flowers alive, place them on windowsills, or any other directly-lit areas. Remember to locate them somewhere that gets bright light in the morning and in the afternoon, or a place with good sunlight all day long.


Azaleas are dazzling blooms that thrive in cooler environments of around 16-18°C, making them perfect for workspaces which keep the air conditioning on. You can get azaleas in many colours, so if you want to liven up a drab office, these are an excellent choice. Azaleas are bell-shaped, and grow in stunning clusters, surrounded by large green leaves. Try to keep these plants in a well-lit space, but out of direct sunlight, and never allow them to completely dry out. They should be watered two or three times a week, but if they are kept in a smaller pot, let them have a drink a little more often. Occasionally, you should also dunk the plant — including the pot — in a larger container of water to fully hydrate them. Azaleas also benefit from humidity, so stand them on a tray with wet pebbles, and spray them daily with tepid water.

Bird of Paradise

Thanks to their vibrant, happy colour, the beautiful yellow/orange and blue shades of a Helianthus can’t help but lift people’s mood — all they need to thrive in an office setting is a big enough container, and they’ll grow gorgeously. However, it’s best to keep them next to a window, as Birds of Paradise are tropical plants, they need at least a few hours of sunlight a day, and watering when the top inch of the soil is dry. Be sure to place a saucer or tray underneath when watering, as this will let you properly soak the soil through the pot’s drainage holes. Birds of paradise make a great addition to your potted plants for office.

Peace lilies

Peace lilies offer the perfect mix of greenery and year-round blooms, and they’re ideal for an office environment because they grow particularly well indoors. They don’t need to be exposed to direct sunlight, but will benefit from being located near your windows. Peace lilies are one of the easiest flowers to take care of, making them suitable for even the busiest offices. Typically a floor plant, they offer a spectacular upgrade to your office decor, particularly in your reception or waiting area, or the staff room. However, you can also get smaller varieties, like the power petite, to place on your desk.
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