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Blooming Haus Event Flowers | The London Lookbook

You're in! VIP access to Blooming Haus event flowers, GRANTED.

As a revered Journal reader, we're treating you to the inside scoop on our most famed florals.

Juicy exclusives await...

Uncover London's most coveted occasions with florals designed to make you feel as though you were there.

Whether you're planning your next event or simply indulging in the luxury lifestyle, we've got plenty of A-lister action to inspire.

Discover Blooming Haus Event Flowers | The London Edition

1. Vogue BAFTAS Afterparty 2022 & 2023 at Annabel's

Vogue Baftas Afterparty 2022 &Amp; 2023
Vogue Fashion And Film6
Vogue Fashion And Film5
Vogue Fashion And Film7
Vogue Fashion And Film2
Vogue Fashion And Film3
Vogue Fashion And Film4
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Come inside the #BAFTAs after-party with us! 🤍✨ at Annabel's - an elegant private members club with a dance floor for the famous, the dressed-up & the well-heeled.

Scroll left to take a peek at the celebrations from 2022 and 2023, where celebs like #EmmaWatson#FlorencePugh and #JamieFoxx wowed 🔥 in front of Blooming Haus event flowers as they celebrated another excellent year in film.

🗓 Both years @britishvogue's annual Fashion & Film party has been in partnership with @tiffanyandco and hosted by British Vogue's editor-in-chief @edward_enninful.

Psst! You may notice white roses feature regularly in our arrangements for Vogue as they are rumoured to be Edward Enninful's favourite bloom.

Keep your eyes peeled. 😉

Read our full scoop on Vogue's annual Fashion and Film events here:

- British Vogue's Fashion And Film Party 2022
- British Vogue's Fashion And Film Party 2023

Photos by Darren Gerrish

2. Vogue "Forces for Change" Dinner at The Londoner

Vogue Forces For Change2
Vogue Forces For Change3
Vogue Forces For Change4
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British Vogue’s annual "Forces For Change" dinner is an incredible initiative by @edward_enninful and @vanessakingori. 💚

First launched in the September 2019 issue guest-edited by the Duchess of Sussex, over the last three years, Forces For Change has grown into a fully-fledged movement, allowing Vogue to spotlight individuals across fashion, culture and politics who are fighting for much-needed positive change. ✨⁠

It was an honour to be a part of their 2023 event hosted at The Londoner.

Scroll left to check out some of the red-carpet arrivals, captured against a backdrop of Blooming Haus event flowers.

Photos by Darren Gerrish

3. Vogue 100 Dinner at Vogue House

Vogue 100 & @edward_enninful hosted an intimate breakfast in Vogue House’s ICONIC boardroom to kick off #LondonFashionWeek 2023. 🤍


This was a private event. However, we are able to share this behind-the-scenes footage from creation to installation.

We hope you enjoy watching how it all came together.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @bloominghaus for regular BTS action.

4. Pangaia Fashion Event at Apricity London

Blooming Haus - Pangaia Official Arrangements-5
Three Floral Displays In Water In A Line Featuring White And Gold Flowers And Green And White Foliage
Bringing peaceful lily ponds to @pangaia's event at Apricity London!

Pangaia is disrupting the toxic fashion industry model on every level, trailblazing the way forward for other luxury brands to follow suit.

When it comes to events, consistency is key!

Aligned with their brand ethos, Pangaia chose sustainable Blooming Haus event flowers and a sustainable, low-waste restaurant.

Too often, planners and florists believe more is more...always!

Yet, our nature-inspired designs here intentionally break the mould, proving that (sometimes) less really is more.

You can still create impact and, more importantly, tell a real story.

Monet was our muse!

5. Bulgari Blooming Haus Event Flowers

Bulgari Hotel Showcase
Bulgari Showcase2
Bulgari Showcase3
Bulgari Showcase4
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If Bulgari did flowers...

♦️Glamourous. ✨ Glimmering. 💎 Gemstone-inspired. ⁠

Step inside Bulgari's annual showcase for their clients and suppliers with us!

We've enjoyed working with the Bulgari brand for many years both in their London stores and hotel.

The brief for this particular occaion was jewel-inspired.

To help us caputure a scintallating scene we honed in on the lighting.

Lighting has the power to manipulate our focus, drawing our attention to product/floral/decorative item displays, and most noticeably, it impacts the mood of a room.
TOP EVENT TIP: Connect your lighting specialist and florist - they'll consider the mood you want to create and the space you're working with for the best results. ⁠

6. Les Ambassadors Private Dinner

Les Ambassadors Events2
Les Ambassadors
Les Ambassadors Events3
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Many of our events are 100% private, meaning (unfortunately) oftentimes we aren't allowed to share anything, or are very limited on what we can share.

We can't say much on this private dinner at Les Ambassadeurs. ❤️‍🔥 @lesaclub.

Though it implies precision, a polish, and a sparkling which is spirited, yet delicate. 😉

The theme was casino inspired!

7. Art of Hope Event at Oscar de La Renta

Untitled 750 × 400Px 600 × 400Px 1200 × 600Px 600 ×
Oscar De La Renta2
Oscar De La Renta3
Oscar De La Renta4
Untitled (750 × 400px) (600 × 400px) (1200 × 600px) (600 × 400px)
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Blooming Haus event flowers create coherance!

For example a conflation of floral emblems (hydranges and dahlias) from Oscar de La Renta's Spring and Pre-Fall 2023 collections come to life in this tablescape design to create a mellifluous air of polish, panache, and propriety at the recent Art of Hope event, led by Tara Kangarlou.

8. Private Event at Mount St. Restaurant

Mount St
Mount St2
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United by our deep-rooted affinity for art and design, @mountstreetrestauraunt is one of our favourite venues to adorn with Blooming Haus event flowers.

Over 200 pieces of art feature throughout Mount St. Restaurant & Rooms, including works by Andy Warhol, Henry Matisse, Lucian Freud and Ferdinand Hodler. Plus, American artist Rashid Johnson has transformed the floor into an enveloping site-specific commission, made of Palladian marble, allowing guests to experience the artwork differently, you can dine on it, walk on it and dance on it.

Did you know you could WIN a VIP dining experiences for two at Mount St. Restuauraunt complemented by a handcrafted bouquet from Blooming Haus? Entries close on September 15th 2023.

9. Private Events at The Lanesborough

Blooming Haus Event Flowers At The Lanesborough London
The Lanesborough Luxury Events2
The Lanesborough Luxury Events3
The Lanesborough Luxury Events4
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See a snapshot into some of our favourite Blooming Haus event flowers at The Lanesborough hotel on Hyde corner.

This elevated venue has the glorious beauty and vibrancy you would expect from a Regency home. 

It's the perfect mix of Regency splendour and contemporary luxury - a superb fit for our signature style.

10. Private Events at J Sheekey

J Sheekey Events London
J Sheekey Events London2
J Sheekey Events London3
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Craving some bold Blooming Haus event flowers?

Introducing, a scrumptious marriage of marine delights and late-Victorian charm. 🐚❤️⁠

Did you know that in the 1890s, @jsheekeyldn was permitted by Lord Salisbury to service fish and shellfish in St Martin’s Court on the proviso that he supplied meals to Salisbury’s after-theatre dinner parties? ⁠

Its four inter-connecting rooms are hung with original photographs of actors from the 20th century that reflects its central position in the theatre world.

Post-pandemic, it seems we're all craving more pageantry and staginess in our everyday lives! 💁🏽

11. Private Events at Pollen Street Social Beauty

Pollen St Social Event Florist
Pollen St Social Event Florist
Co-creating a world of memorable bliss at our client's private birthday event. ⁠✨⁠

An ode to simple pleasures and the light that colours our world, our installations invited guests into a colourful and attuned space designed to empower them to let their authentic selves shine.⁠

12. Private Events at 34 Mayfair

34 Mayfair Events
34 Mayfair Events2
34 Mayfair Events3
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Revel in the quaint splendour to 34 Mayfair's Italian heritage! ⁠

At this venue, Blooming Haus event flowers regularly extend beyond the tables to the majestic interiors of the building to highlight standout features and key calendar events via irresistible creations from our lead floral designers.

13. Book Launch at The Hari London

The Hari London Book Launch Event
The Hari London Book Launch2
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Enjoy a sneak peek behind the scenes into Andrea Cheong's book launch 'Why don't I have anything to wear?"!

Our seasonal tablescape for the event at @theharilondon x @malfygin terrace in London complemented both the book and Andrea's sustainability principles with green Blooming Haus event flowers and natural elements as an overarching theme throughout.

14. Private Events at Daphne's London

Event Flowers At Daphnes
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Last but definitely not least, Daphne's!

From classy and intimate affairs to bold and boujee dinners, we know the interiors of the stunning space like the back of our hand working, always, in harmony with the different colour pallettes, textures, and materials for the best results.

The restaurant's elegant conservatory is a dedicated private dining area that's perfect for all kinds of private events.

The garden-inspired surroundings are open to the sunshine during the summer months, and the roof is closed to create a cosy atmosphere when winter arrives.

It's one of the most versatile spaces in London to create a completely unique occasion.

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