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Mindful of Both People & Our Planet

Not only is it our duty to give back from what we take, but we’re also steadfast in fighting for a more earth-friendly world for everyone. Since we launched our ‘Plant a Tree’ campaign we have planted almost 100 trees around London (Surrey) and around the UK in collaboration with National ForestWoodland Trust and Carbon Footprint Organisation. Our mission is to minimise our carbon footprint in all aspects of our business. By sharing our environmental efforts with our clients and everyone we work with, we intend to keep Blooming Haus at the forefront of sustainability and positive change. In the words of David Attenborough, we must “rewild the earth”…
Here’s What We’re Doing at Blooming Haus to Tackle Climate Change
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
With every wedding or corporate venue we work with, we intend to extend our sustainability initiatives to our customers. As many studies and organisations have highlighted, tree planting is one of the critical initiatives in the fight against climate change. As a sustainable florist we collaborate with organisations such as the National Forest and the Woodland Trust to not only give a meaningful gift back to our customers but also reforest our woodlands and forests.
At the end of our work with wedding couples or event planners, we dedicate a tree to be planted within the national forests to protect and restore biodiversity. We also do the same with our corporate clients. Every year, we dedicate a tree to thank us for their trust in us and also symbolise our dedication to a more sustainable world. We believe this will also encourage everyone else to do incorporate similar strategies in their corporate social responsibility framework.
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Our fleet of vehicles is fully electric, thereby reducing emissions and participating in the fight to improve our cities’ air quality.
Carbon Offsetting
Finally, from 2021 Blooming Haus will start to participate in carbon offsetting programmes. We must address both environmental and social issues to have a holistic and positive impact on the world. Many platforms such as the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform provide a list of projects worldwide, ranging from tree planting, to wind farm funding and provide energy-efficient equipment to impoverished populations.
We’re On a Mission to Build a Better & Brighter Future for Everyone
It doesn’t end here. We will continue to spearhead the search for more sustainable initiatives to help us improve what we do and how we do it. Watch this space.
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