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Blooming Haus: A Vibrant Recap of Our Top 12 Floral Moments in 2023

Step aboard the Blooming Haus Express – your VIP ticket to our most enchanting moments of 2023!

Feel the ambience of each event permeate the screen, saturating your world with conscious luxury, breathtaking blooms, and captivating design.

Every petal shares a unique story, and each arrangement stands as a testament to the beauty and creativity that flourished within our creative haven.

While we eagerly anticipate the next 12 months, prepare to be entranced by the essence of our year in full bloom – a jubilant celebration of nature's wonders and the boundless creativity that defines us all.

For a more immersive experience, delve into the intricacies of each event by following the highlighted links or explore exclusive behind-the-scenes extras on our Instagram highlight reels.

Blooming Haus | Best Moments of 2023

1. Vogue World - Our Biggest Installation to Date!

In the opulent saga of Vogue World, elegance met botanical splendour as more than 20,000 crimson roses adorned the iconic Theatre Royal Drury Lane on the illustrious night of September 14th, 2023.

The outcome? A cascade of major red carpet moments, immortalized in floral finesse.

2. Vogue World Afterparty

The post-event soirée unfolded as a harmonious tableau of white and green, adorned with delicate sprays of baby’s breath, pristine white roses, viburnum and garden hydrageas.

In this enchanting setting, distinguished guests graced our Blooming installation, including Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the luminous Claire Foy, the captivating Simone Ashley, and the iconic Leonardo DiCaprio.


1. See All The Stars Inside Vogue World's Exclusive After-Party

3. Vogue 100 LFW Breakfast at Vogue House

In the prelude to London Fashion Week, Vogue100 and Edward Enninful orchestrated an intimate breakfast in the hallowed boardroom of Vogue House, setting the stage for the forthcoming spectacle.

Amidst the opulent surroundings, guests were embraced by an intimate reception adorned with the floral mastery of Blooming Haus.

Delicate white roses whispered to be Edward Enninful's cherished blooms graced the setting.

This sophisticated tableau was further complemented by the timeless allure of black and white prints captured by legendary photographers such as Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, and Annie Leibovitz, evoking an ambience of unparalleled elegance.


1. Vogue100 and Edward Enninful Hosted a London Fashion Week Breakfast at Vogue House

4. Roksanda SS24 Show for London Fashion Week

Inspired by serene monastery paintings, Roksanda's SS24 runway florals transformed into a texture-rich symphony. Featuring hydrangeas, green carnations, monstera leaves, and more, the arrangements perfectly complemented the iconic Barbican Centre.

Post-show, these exquisite florals journeyed back to Blooming Haus, reimagined into bespoke bouquets for esteemed guests, adding an enchanting layer to the ephemeral beauty of the runway display.

5. Erdem SS24 Show for London Fashion Week

Amidst the captivating ambience of the British Museum's Colonnades, Erdem's SS24 runway flowers graced the presence of A-list front-row guests at dusk.

Our golden miniature bouquets, thoughtfully curated, seamlessly complemented Erdem's collection, characterized by the recurrent pops of yellow and pink hues.

This harmonious convergence of floral elegance and high fashion added an enchanting layer to the atmospheric allure of the event.

6. Bulgari Showcase

The Bulgari Showcase curated an assembly of the crème de la crème from the wedding and event industry, converging within the resplendent Ballroom at the Bulgari Hotel London.

It was a distinct honor to craft a stage worthy of this exceptional event, adorned with luminous arrangements that echoed the illustrious roots of Bulgari's jewelry heritage.

7. BAFTA's Fashion & Film Afterparty 2023

Over the preceding two years, our enduring white blooms have adorned this occasion, each design a purposeful embodiment of uniqueness—an homage to our extraordinary capacity for reinvention, a symphony often orchestrated by the realms of film, fashion, music, and beyond.

8. Conde Nast Johansens, Awards of Excellence Event

Blooming Haus Best Moments With Conde Naste
Blooming Haus Best Moments With Conde Naste

With artful mastery, we adorned the Awards of Excellence event for Conde Nast, skillfully incorporating bold blooms into structural floristry.

This distinctive occasion was meticulously crafted to recognize, reward, and celebrate excellence across Conde Nast recommended properties—a revered hallmark of quality acknowledged by both discerning consumers and esteemed travel professionals.

9. Vogue Forces for Change

In a splendid union of glamour and eco-conscious elegance, Blooming Haus proudly took center stage at Vogue's 2023 Forces for Change dinner, bedecking the red carpet with floral enchantment.

This endeavor seamlessly aligns with our commitment to sustainability, a principle that has recently earned us the prestigious B Corp certification and an esteemed membership with the Floricultural Sustainability Initiative.

Events that champion environmental responsibility resonate deeply with us, allowing us to weave a narrative of beauty that not only captivates but also aligns with our dedication to a greener, more sustainable world.

This red carpet floral creation for Vogue epitomizes our mission—a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and ethical responsibility.


1. All Of The Stars At British Vogue’s Forces For Change Celebration At The Maine Mayfair

10. Glamour Women of The Year Awards

In an homage to the trailblazing women who reshaped the narrative in 2023, Blooming Haus crafted floral masterpieces for the Glamour Women of the Year Award that transcended the ordinary.

Overflowing with rich textures and rare blooms, our creations served as a visual ode to the distinctive greatness of these remarkable women.

Each petal and every unique blossom echoed the individuality and resilience of those who have truly changed the game.

It was a symphony of nature, a celebration of strength, and a testament to the extraordinary impact of these trailblazing figures.

Our florals, heavy with symbolism, whispered a story of uniqueness and greatness, intertwining seamlessly with the narrative of these phenomenal women who left an indelible mark on 2023.


1. How to host an epic seasonal celebration inspired by the GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards 2023
This affair was uniquely ours—a jubilation of our expansive new space to embrace our burgeoning team.

Set against the picturesque arches of Battersea architecture before undergoing transformation, the venue transformed into our private gallery, a canvas highlighting the artistic flair of every team member.

The gathering witnessed the presence of clients, colleagues, cherished friends, and beloved family, collectively commemorating a significant milestone in the unfolding narrative of Blooming Haus.

It marked the inauguration of a fresh chapter in our story, an event brimming with the spirit of creativity and communal celebration.

12. Raffle's OWO Christmas Light Switch On

We couldn't resist including the magical crescendo of our holiday festivities—the Christmas light switch-on at our opulent installation in Raffles OWO London.

As the world slumbered, our dedicated team sprinkled magic and merriment, transforming London's newest Luxury Hotel and Residences into a festive wonderland.

The eagerly anticipated Christmas light switch-on, accompanied by carols, was a moment of pure enchantment.

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