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Vogue World 2023: What Happens to The Flowers After the Event?

Vogue World 2023 wasn't just a theatrical extravaganza; it was a floral one too!

Thousands of our sustainably sourced red roses adorned the ICONIC Theatre Royal Drury Lane on September 14th 2023, to help create MAJOR red carpet moments that made a statement.

While the glitz and glamour stunned the world last night, this morning, you may wonder what happens to the flowers once the event is over.

We're here to tell all...

Blooming Haus Flowers for Vogue World 2023 - What Happens to Them Once The Event is Over?

1. Blooming Haus X Confetti Club

We're proud to have partnered with Confetti Club!

Our Vogue World 2023 floral designs will be turned into stunning biodegradable petal confetti, with 100% of the profits going to charity.
Who are Confetti Club?
Confetti Club London is a not-for-profit business run by two siblings, Toby and Genni Shouls, and some fabulous volunteers who help process large floral donations like ours.

They help spread joy sustainably with biodegradable confetti made from repurposed flowers!
Which Charities Will Receive The Profits?
Currently, Confetti Club donate 100% of profits to charities involved in the care of cancer patients and research into new cancer treatments at:
Both causes are close to the founders' hearts after Genni's husband had an aggressive cancer diagnosis at age 32.
Before cancer became part of their lives, Confetti Club were donating to other wonderful programmes, including:
Healing Little Hearts, a programme sending cardiac surgeons to third world countries to perform life-saving surgery. Genni works as a Congenital Cardiologist and could appreciate the incredible work that this team does. 

Reclaim the Streets (the fundraiser for Women's health after the tragic death Sarah Everard in London).

Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal to support those displaced by the war.
What will you use your confetti for?

2. Why Confetti Club?

At Blooming Haus, doing our due diligence is something we take seriously.

Did you know many of the leading confetti companies in the country have their own farms and grow their own flowers with the sole goal of cutting them down to make the confetti?

Not Confetti Club, though; they EXTEND the life of already-used flowers.

We believe Confetti Club's method to make confetti from recycled flowers is much more sustainable!

By recycling the highest quality flowers from around the country through gifted donations, they can create the highest quality products for their customers.

Confetti Club have been nominated in the 'Most Sustainable Floristry' category at the 2023 Interflora World Cup (the Olympics of floristry)!

Their aim is to donate many more thousands to charity by becoming the leading confetti provider in the country, showing the industry that the sustainable and environmentally friendly way to make confetti is by recycling used flowers instead of just growing them.

We're excited to be a partner and play a part in helping Confetti Club reach their goals.

Just think, the flowers from the Vogue World event 2023 will likely adorn many happy couples celebrating their wedding day - a thought that brings a smile to all our faces.

3. Blooming Haus' Sustainability Pledge

For us, sustainability isn't a buzzword; it's something we've always been incredibly passionate about.

Both co-founders at Blooming Haus (one of whom is a chartered environmentalist), through their years of experience, knew that to reach our goals personally and professionally, we would have to rebuild traditional events floristry from the ground up.

We've innovated and evolved everything involved in planning, prep, and post-production and believe in trust through transparency.

We're open about our tree-planting programs, where we source our flowers - even the vehicles and supplies we use.

While we're not perfect yet, we strive to be an example for the events and hospitality industry educating others on how to make better business decisions that help build a brighter future for all.

Sustainability has never been a limitation for us; more of an invitation to step it up both creatively and operationally.

A large part of how we massively reduce our carbon footprint at Blooming Haus has a lot to do with our valued partnerships with not only Ecologi, but National ForestWoodland Trust, and Trees for Cities.

With their help, every year, we plant hundreds of trees in the U.K. and internationally.

Learn more here:

Sustainability Commitments

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