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10 Symbolic Choices & Their Meanings (2024)

Blooming Haus - Topaz Tulips Bouquet
Blooming Haus - Topaz Tulips Bouquet Closeup
What do you think of when you think about Easter Flowers?

- Easter Lilys?
- Daffodils?
- Tulips?

Ever wondered why these blooms have come to symbolise this holiday?

Discover the fascinating meaning behind popular easter flower choices, as well as a few Blooming Haus - recommended options too!

Let's hop right into it...

Easter Flowers & What They Mean

1. Easter Lily
2. Daffodil
3. Tulip
4. Easter Cactus
5. Gerbera Daisy
6. Iris
7. Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)
8. Hyacinth
9. Unusual Blooms for Easter
10. Bring the Beauty of Flowers in Your Home at Easter
11. Other Journal Entries You May Find Useful

Easter flowers signal that Spring has officially sprung (or its about to), and they are a beautiful way to spruce up your space for sunnier days ahead.

Whether you're looking for a stunning bouquet or dainty table decoration browse our online flower shop for seasonal and sustainable options.

1. Easter Lily

The Easter Lily (Lilium longiflorum) is a traditional Easter flower.

These trumpet-shaped blooms have come to represent spring.

They're an eye-popping addition to garden landscapes thanks to the pure white beauty of the flower and its contrast with the strong vibrant-green stem.

And, they're often seen decorating homes, offices, and churches at Easter.

What does the Easter Lily symbolise?

This flower symbolises purity, rebirth, and new beginnings.

So, it's a great choice of floral decor if you've recently moved into a new home or welcomed a new baby.

From a religious perspective, this lily is often associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is central to the Easter celebration for many people.

The Easter lily also has associations with Pagan traditions where it's associated with motherhood.

So, these blooms are a great way to showcase your love for your mother at Easter.

2. Daffodil

Who doesn't love to see daffodils in springtime?

These brightly coloured blooms are guaranteed to make you smile.

Traditionally daffodil flowers are yellow or white in colour.

However, they can be found in shades of orange and pink too.

They have a familiar trumpet-shaped centre surrounded by petals.

We adore them so much you'll find them in our "colours of spring bouquet".

FUN FACT: Did you know the daffodil is the national flower of Wales?

What does the Daffodil symbolise?

Daffodils bring a burst of sunshine to any surroundings.

So, they're hugely popular at Easter when everyone is enjoying the vitality of spring.

When it comes to meaning, daffodils are associated with happiness and hope.

I think you'll agree that we all need plenty of both right now with the global situation.

Another feature these blooms symbolise is resilience which is essential to us all.

So, if you know someone who's having a hard time right, the gift of daffodils at Easter may help to raise their spirits.

3. Tulip

Early spring wouldn't be the same without these bright and beautiful blooms.

We love that there is a myriad of tulip colours from red, pink, and orange to darker shades like brown, black, and bronze.

So they're a perfect fit for any colour scheme.

Depending on the variety, tulip flowers can be single, double, ruffled, fringed, or lily-shaped.

Our master florist Michal would like to give a shout-out to the parrot tulip.

Their fringed, ruffled appearance and sparkling bright colours make these flowers a favourite of his.

Flowers by Blooming Haus

What does the Tulip symbolise?

Tulips are often at the centre of Easter displays in churches, businesses, and homes.

They bring with them a sense of joy.

Different colours of this bloom also have their own individual symbolism.

- White tulips signify forgiveness
- Purple tulips represent faith
- Red tulips symbolise passion
- Yellow tulips represent sunshine

You could choose an array of different coloured tulips as your Easter flowers.

Or, give someone a gift of these jewels of nature at this special time of year.

4. Easter Cactus

These brightly coloured succulents adorn many a home and office space at Easter.

Available in colours including white, red, orange, peach, lavender, and pink, their blooms have an unusual trumpet shape.

Their popularity also has a lot to do with the quirky, rickety appearance of the plant itself.

It looks like a natural green sculpture that's pleasing to the eye even after blooming is complete.

What does the Easter Cactus symbolise?

The name of these flowers tells you that they are associated with Easter.

They are also said to symbolize rebirth.

If you know someone who has recently started a new chapter in their life, these Easter flowers could be the perfect gift for them.

5. Gerbera Daisy

These brightly coloured blooms are amongst the most popular cut flowers in the world.

This isn't surprising given their feel-good factor.

You'll find gerbera daisies in an array of colours from pastel shades to vibrant colours like orange and red.

So, they're an ideal choice for a springtime celebration like Easter.

What does the Gerbera Daisy symbolise?

Given their joyful appearance, it's not surprising that gerbera daisies are said to represent cheerfulness.

They also symbolise innocence and purity.

This makes them a popular choice for anyone recognising the religious significance of Easter.

We'd say that gerbera daisies are amazing Easter flowers for anyone who needs some smiles and hope in their life.

6. Iris

There are around 300 species of Iris.

Many of them flower during late spring and summer.

However, some varieties bloom earlier in spring making them popular as Easter flowers.

The most common colour for iris is purple but they can be found in other shades including blue, yellow, white, pink, orange, red, and black.

So, you can collect a variety of colours together to create a stunning effect.
Flowers by Blooming Haus

What does the Iris symbolise?

The iris is often associated with Van Gogh as he was influenced by the flower.

We're not surprised, nature is so inspiring.

As luxury florists, we understand the passion that flowers like the iris can evoke.

The iris also symbolises the Passion of Christ which gives it a direct link the Easter.

Whether they're religious or not, anyone would love to receive these Easter flowers that are considered to represent wisdom and compliments.

7. Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)

This delicate white or pink flower is also known as Baby's Breath.

It's a favourite cut flower in bouquets and features in most people's top 10.

It combines perfectly with many different flowers.

And, it's also beautiful on its own as you can see...

What does Gypsophila symbolise?

These perfect little clouds of flowers symbolise everlasting love.

This is why they're so popular as wedding flowers.

So, if you're getting married around Easter time they're an appropriate choice.

You may also want to take a look at our wedding-trend themed journal entry.

"Top Wedding Flower Trends to Watch in 2023"

Gypsophila is also often chosen for inclusion in Easter flowers for new mothers due to its associated meaning of innocence.

8. Hyacinth

Hyacinths are loved as much for their scent as they are for their appearance.

The power of their aroma fills the air and combines with their colourful blooms to bring the joy of spring to a home, or business premises.

The flowers of the hyacinth are tubular in shape and can be found in a variety of colours including white, blue, purple, pink, and red.

They're just gorgeous and they evoke a happy vibe.

What more could you want?

What does the Hyacinth symbolise?

The pastel shades of the hyacinth convey the peace, calm, and joy that's commonly associated with Easter.

These flowers are also often seen as representing commitment.

So, it's not surprising that they sometimes appear as Easter flowers in Christian churches.

Anyone who embraces the spirit of Easter, religious or not, is sure to appreciate the pastel shades and glorious scent of the hyacinth.

9. Unusual Blooms for Easter

Traditional Easter flowers like tulips and daffodils are fabulous.

But, at Blooming Haus we love to mix things up a little.

We have a passion for innovative floral design.

And, we're always looking to embrace new ideas and create unusual floral combinations.

This is why we love Easter flowers that are outside of the norm.

When we create floral sculptures and bouquets we pride ourselves on the use of unexpected flower choices.

With this in mind, we'd like to introduce you to a couple of unusual Easter flowers we love, Lily of the valley, and Pussy willow.

Lily of the valley

This woodland flowering plant is just gorgeous.

Its delicate blooms can brighten any space, from apartments to offices.

You'll probably be most familiar with the white flowers of Lily of the valley.

But, they come in pink too.

You can choose to place them together with other Easter flowers.

But, as you can see, they look amazing on their own too.

What does Lily of the valley symbolise?

Lily of the valley is also known as Mary's tears.

Legend says that the bell-shaped flowers are tears shed by the Virgin Mary.

So, these blooms have a religious connection that makes them an ideal choice as Easter flowers.

Outside of this religious symbolism, the Lily of the valley symbolises happiness, youth, purity, and sincerity.

This makes it a great Easter flowers selection for homes where children are enjoying the joy of the occasion.

Pussy willow

Technically pussy willow is not a "flower" but we use it in our floral creations to add texture and interest.

Pussy willow is actually a name for the smaller species of willows and sallows when furry catkins adorn them in early spring.

These catkins, and their branches, are amazing additions to unusual designs for Easter flowers.

What does Pussy willow symbolise?

There are various meanings associated with pussy willow.

It's known as a symbol of motherhood.

It also symbolises recovery from illness.

So, if you know anyone who's been ill and needs a lift to their spirits as they recover, including pussy willow in a gift of Easter flowers could be a good idea.

10. Bring the Beauty of Flowers to Your Home at Easter

As luxury floral designers we have a passion for the way flowers bring the beauty of nature to any space.

Our founders Michal and Michael have had this passion since childhood.

Michal speaks fondly of being influenced by his mother and grandmother who were both keen gardeners.

And, Michael loves the different colour palettes of the seasons.

For spring, these colour palettes often revolve around bright yellows, whites, and pastel shades.

And, these are popular shades for Easter flowers.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Although, as we mentioned earlier, innovation and creativity are always important.

So, a variety of colour and scent choices can be appropriate.

We embrace this ethos of innovation when creating our original collections of Easter flowers.

We also use fresh flowers and foliage from trusted suppliers who are locally based where possible.

The result is unique Easter flowers that are excellent for decorating your own personal or commercial space and equally amazing as a thoughtful and creative Easter gift.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
There's more good news...

Every aspect of what we do has sustainability at its core.

So, you can embrace the celebration of Easter and protect the world around you at the same time.

We use compostable products and reuse flower packaging.

We also partner with Ecofleet to complete smaller deliveries which help to reduce our carbon footprint.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Ready to brighten your home or office space with colourful Easter flowers?

Take a look at our shop where you can choose from a collection of expertly produced floral creations.

We'd also love to hear your comments about our flower collections or any questions you may have.

Add anything you have to say in the comments and we'll take a look ASAP.

11. Other Journal Entries You May Find Useful

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