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Best Bouquet Shape and Style for Your Wedding Dress Silhouette

Want to know which wedding bouquet shape or style will perfectly complement your outfit on the BIG day? You've come to the right place!

Whether you're embracing the elegance of an A-line gown or the sophistication of a tailored suit, we've got the expertise to optimise your look.

Recognized by Vogue Magazine as "Fashion's Favorite Florist," we have proudly crafted event florals for high-profile weddings and regularly collaborate with luxury fashion brands such as Burberry, Chanel, Stella McCartney, and more.

We bring a fashion-forward perspective that can align seamlessly with your unique personality! Remember, one dress shape doesn't fit all. Each bride and wedding is different, our goal is to inspire you to get you excited about the possibilities.

The Best Bouquet Shape & Style for Your Wedding Outfit

1. Classic A-Line & V-Shaped Bouquets

The A-line is a classic style of wedding dress that has stood the test of time, and for a good reason - they're stunning!

Elegant, classy, and ethereal!

Evaluating the best bouquet shape and style to complement this dress style has a lot to do with the neckline.

The bouquet's job is to balance the top and bottom half of the dress perfectly.
For V-necks, a V-shaped bouquet like the one above works in harmony to highlight the ornate detailing at the top half of the dress without detracting from the flowing A-line below.

For most A-line dresses medium bouquet shapes and styles are usually the perfect sizes to compliment the style of the dress.

The stunning simplicity that A-lines add means you can play around with pops of colour and textures that tie in beautifully with your venue to add interest.

Hand-tied bouquet types work brilliantly too for that freshly-picked feel!

EXTRA TIP: Petite bouquets are trending right now too, and they often work well with A-Line dresses. If you want the dress to be the star of the show they add elegance without being overwhelming. See the example below.
Image credit: Greg Finck Photography.

Bridal Bouquet by Blooming Haus for Award-Winning Journalist and Author Tara Kangarlou

2. Column Dresses With Smaller Bouquet Shapes

Sheath-style wedding dresses are a modern take on traditional wedding dresses offering a more sophisticated and fashion-focused look.

Column dresses are some of our favourites - minimalist and oh-so-elegant. Plus, they are more easily re-wearable.

Whether your dress is figure-hugging or drops straight to the floor our favourite bouquet shapes for this style rend to be rounded to contrast the straight lines, or have long stems to help elongate the figure and manipulate focus by drawing the eyes both up and down.

Bouquets composed of the same flowers and colour palette offer a timeless and classic look.

While texture and colour can also work well depending on your venue choice, dress detailing, and location.

We're here to help guide you and make suggestions.

TOP TIP: if possible, when we meet you at your chosen venue bring a sample of your wedding outfit fabric or a picture so we can match it perfectly with the flowers.

3. Stunning Ballgown with Big Bouquet Styling

Without the proper guidance, ballroom gowns are an easy one for brides to get wrong.

They can very easily become over the top (and not in a good way), or the bouquet gets lost behind the dress.

How do you get it right?

Big blooms mixed in with smaller daintier blooms that accentuate the colours and textures of your overall are a great way to keep the middle ground between size and statement.

Consider ballgown bouquets finished with a wide ribbon to center the bold look and tie it all together beautifully.
Classic blooms are a popular choice to pair with this classic dress style - roses being the obvious choice.

Though, when coupled with more unusual choices like pampas grass, clematis, anemones, or berries it can make for an incredibly dynamic and standout arrangement.

TOP TIP: Honing in on seasonal blooms, colours, berries, and foliage (especially if they are already present at your venue) helps create a more thoughtful and cohesive look.

4. Mermaid Magic with Small or Cascading Bouquets

Mermaid, or trumpet, wedding dresses have a dynamic look with a fitted bodice and a flared skirt.

Bouquet sizes and styles should be chosen to accentuate this distinctive dress design.

If the dress is incredibly detailed like the one pictured below, LESS IS MORE when it comes to the bouquet.

Save the big florals for things like table runners or grounded arrangements like we did here on the grounds of the opulent Euridge Manor.
Using just a few focus flowers the bouquet is largely made up of clouds of gyp chosen to highlight the beading and whimsical nature of the dress.

If your dress silhouette and texture are more flat and you're dreaming of lush and dramatic florals, we'd recommend considering a cascading bouquet that draws the eye downward to the unique shape of the dress.

Remember, it's not one solution that fits all. It takes a thorough, meticulous and well-thought-out approach for the best results.

5. Short Hemlines with Playful Posies

Opting for a shorter hemline?

We love your playful style - and your bouquet should reflect this too.

If they're a good fit with your venue pastel and bolder colours work great in this case.

Tea-length wedding dresses or fun playsuits are perfect for hot summer months or warmer locations.

When you're choosing a bouquet it's important not to overpower your wedding outfit.

So, when it comes to short hemlines dainty posies are a perfect choice.
For the unconventional bride, we love a single stem to make a statement! It just screams romance!

Want to add a little extra elegance to your flowers?

Attach a long trailing ribbon!

6. Modern Wedding Suits with Statement Bouquets

Not every bride chooses to wear a dress for her big day.

For the contemporary bride, wedding suits are on the rise - and we're here for it!

Nothing says confidence quite like a wedding suit.

Wedding suits are a great opportunity to push the boundaries of what's possible for your wedding bouquet, it should be bold, individualist, modern, and undeniably powerful.

A modern shape is a must whether that be a crescent bouquet or a design that has unexpected elements or flowers, and does not adhere to tradition.
You may not always be with your bouquet when wearing a wedding suit.

That's why we advise you shouldn't rely solely on the bouquet to tie the look together.

Often, we recommend hairpieces or statement floral jewellery to match so that anyone who sees you on your special day knows that this isn't just any gorgeous suit - it's your wedding suit.

7. Drop-Waist Elegance with Adaptable Bouquets

We adore drop-waist dresses as they offer so much freedom in terms of what shapes and styles can work wonderfully.

The good news? Pretty much anything goes here.

Though it takes a skilful florist to make the best of it!

Again, of course, things to consider include, detailing, time of year, fabric choice, colour palette, location, venue, etc.

We do usually recommend medium bouquets as the perfect size for this style.

For stately or city weddings a chic modern orchid selection for this dress design would work beautifully.

If you're opting for a more rustic/country look try big blousy blooms with loose foliage like the bouquet pictured above.

8. What to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bouquet

We've shown how important your wedding dress silhouette is when you're choosing your bouquet.

Though we want to remind you, it's not one dress shape or style fits all.

Every bride is different.

Every wedding requires a unique and tailored approach.

Keep in mind your wedding theme and colours

When you plan your wedding you'll decide on the colours and themes you want to adopt.

Your wedding bouquet should tie into this and complement every element from the venue, fabrics, tablescape and more!
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Wondering which flowers are the best fit for your wedding theme?

No problem.

We'll work with your chosen wedding vendors or make valuable suggestions to help you create holistic 360 wedding day aesthetics that ooze high-level design and style.

Choose seasonal flowers for your bouquet

Choosing seasonal blooms for your wedding bouquet has two main benefits:

- Your choice is sustainable because the flowers are available locally so you don't create a large carbon footprint from transportation.

- You get more from your budget as it's less expensive to source flowers locally.

At Blooming Haus, we're Europe's first B-Corp event Florist and we're passionate about sustainability.

And, we love advising couples about flowers that are in season.

For example, tulips add a pop of colour to bouquets for a spring wedding.
We'll create a seasonal wedding bouquet for you that doesn't compromise your heart's desires.

While employing sustainable practices along the way.

This includes:

- Planting a tree in your name.
- Working with local flower suppliers.
- Recycling flower packaging and reusing flower buckets.
- Composting organic waste.
- Use probiotic cleaning products where possible.

Ensure you can hold your flowers easily

Your wedding day is one of the most special times of your life.

So, you want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible.

Choosing a bouquet that you can hold easily is a major part of this.
If you're confident in your hold on your flowers this helps you to relax.

It also improves your posture which enhances your wedding photos.

Don't forget allergies

Allergies can be a nightmare.

And, they could potentially ruin your wedding if you don't think carefully about the flowers you choose for your bouquet and other wedding floral creations.

Remember, that it's not just your allergies you need to consider but anyone likely to come into close contact with your bouquet.
Concerned about choosing flowers that don't provoke an allergic reaction?

We'll help you.

The team at Blooming Haus will take into account any allergies as part of your wedding floral planning.

And, we'll source anti-allergen flowers for your wedding bouquet, table centrepieces, and other design features.

Ready to Start Designing Your Perfect Wedding Bouquet?

Ready to design the perfect bouquet for your wedding dress silhouette?

That's excellent news.

We'll help you put the advice in this post to use.

And we'll make sure your bouquet complements and enhances the look of your dress.
That's not all...

We'll ensure your bouquet, and other wedding florals, complement the theme and colours of your wedding.

So, your overall look is as perfect, cohesive, and romantic as you could have ever dreamed!
Our wedding flower service is personalised and we pay strict attention to detail.

Please note due to high demand we do only work with couples who have a minimum of 5K for their wedding flower budget.

If you're ready to begin your wedding floral journey call us on 020 3389 9609 to start planning the design of your wedding bouquet and other wedding flower installations.

Or, send an email to

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