Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding in 2023 & Beyond

Planning a wedding in 2023 and beyond?

Times a changing...and weddings too.

It's been a crazy couple of years and as a result trends, styles, and events have become more diversified, complex, and unique.

As one of London's leading luxury florists, we're witnessing and experiencing this first-hand.

To help you avoid any hiccups and ensure you get the wedding you dreamed of we're passionate about sharing our insights and tips with you.

Top Tips For Planning a Wedding in 2023 & Beyond

1. What Will a Wedding in 2023 Look Like?

Every wedding day is different because all couples have their own dreams and ideas.

But, there are some features that are more likely to be seen in a wedding in 2023.

One thing that we're seeing, and that touches our hearts, is the focus on the simplicity of LOVE.

The restrictions that we've all had to live with over the last couple of years made elaborate impossible.

For some couples, this has led to a focus more on the meaning of love and how simple it can be to share it with others.

This means that intimate but exquisite weddings will continue to be popular in 2023 and beyond.
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Of course, here in the UK, there's also an opportunity to get everyone together for a big wedding event.

We all deserve to socialise freely with those we love after so long without being able to.

So, this year will also see couples opting for whole lavish long weekends to commemorate their love.

From an intimate gathering to a huge celebration, each couple will bring their own wedding dream to life.
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Can't decide between an intimate celebration with family and close friends and a much bigger event?

Sequel weddings are set to be a feature of 2023 and the years to come.

And, they could be the perfect solution for you.

What is a sequel wedding?

Simply put, a sequel wedding is a wedding in two parts.

It's not a new phenomenon.

But, this type of wedding soared in popularity when guest numbers were restricted.

It meant couples could go ahead with their wedding and celebrate with a small number of people while leaving a larger event for when restrictions were lifted.

Although wedding guest numbers are no longer restricted, sequel weddings are here to stay.

Choosing this option means that you can share your love with those closest to you at a small gathering then host a grand reception for a large guest list at a later date.
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Another aspect of the strange times we've experienced recently is the increased time many of us have spent outdoors.

As floral designers, we love this at Blooming Haus.

And we're excited when couples choose to marry in an outside space.

After all, what could be more romantic than being surrounded by colourful blooms, lush greenery, and blue skies?

Can you get married outdoors in the UK?

The ability for couples to say "I do" outside more easily is a positive that came out of 2021.

Temporary legislation that came out in the summer meant that a wedding could be held completely outdoors.

Before this happened, ceremonies had to be held indoors or in a permanent structure such as a fixed gazebo.

We've worked with couples who've loved exchanging vows surrounded by nature.

So, we're excited that outdoor weddings were recently made legal permanently and moves to include religious, as well as civil ceremonies, are also happening.

How amazing is that 😍?
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Outdoor weddings are not the only type of ceremony that involves the natural world around us.

Sustainable weddings also embrace nature by helping to protect it and they're a popular choice for a wedding in 2023 and beyond.

What is a sustainable wedding?

Planning a wedding that's sustainable is all about protecting the planet.

Couples who decide on this option seek out locally sourced food, decorations, and flowers.

They also choose packaging and containers that can be recycled.

Couples planning a wedding with a sustainable vibe also choose to work with eco-friendly venues and vendors.

At, we pride ourselves on having a sustainable ethos.

And we love working with like-minded couples who are planning a wedding in 2023 and the years to come.

We strongly believe in giving something back to the planet that provides us with the stunning flowers we love so much.

This is why we:

- Use green energy to power our studio.
- Partner with Ecofleet so that smaller deliveries can be completed by bicycle.
- Compost out organic waste.
- Avoid using materials that are not compostable.
- Reuse buckets and delivery packaging.
- Source flowers locally where possible.
- Use cleaning products that are probiotic where possible.

It's clear that there will be many influences on a wedding in 2023.

But, don't forget that every wedding is a personal choice for the couple.

Keep reading for tips and information to make planning a wedding easier and help you create your perfect celebration.

2. Choosing a Date for Your Wedding

Dreaming of a wedding in 2023?

You'll need to have made a good start on your planning if you want your dream event.

It's always a good idea to start planning a wedding at least 20 months in advance.

So, if you've just got engaged...


Secondly, you probably need to think about planning a wedding date for 2024 or after if you want your ideal venue, vendors, and dress.

Many professionals and venues are booked more than a year in advance, and a dress from a bridalwear boutique can take nine months or longer to be ready.

Plus, you need to factor in fittings and alterations.

So early planning is a must.

When planning a date for a wedding it's vital to take time and consider your choice carefully.

Be aware that the time around bank holidays like Christmas is usually busy for people so they may not be able to attend.

It's also not a good idea to think about planning a wedding on the date of important family birthdays and anniversaries as you don't want to steal anyone's thunder.

You may want to check out the sporting calendar if you don't want to risk losing guests to an important football or rugby match.

Finally, the school holidays are also often inconvenient for some people.

This could be a major concern if you have a lot of families on your guest list.

What is the best time of year to get married?

When planning a wedding date, you'll probably put some thought into seasonal considerations.

The most popular time of year to get married is July - August and the "wedding season" runs from May to October.

But, this doesn't mean other times of year should be ruled out.

Winter weddings can be gorgeous and you can stand out from the crowd with warm and deep colours for your decor and florals.

At the end of the day, when you're planning a wedding the choice of season is a personal one.

Things to consider when you're making your decision include the weather, issues with seasonal allergies, and sustainable availability of items such as wedding flowers.

Before you finalise a date for your wedding, there are two final questions you should ask yourself...

Are all important guests able to attend?

Is your favourite venue available?

Be prepared to be flexible and realise that you may have to choose a different date or opt for a different venue if necessary.

3. Finding and Booking Your Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect venue is an essential aspect of planning a wedding.

You may have a dream venue in mind but it also helps to speak to a wedding planner before you make a decision.

They will have connections with the best venues and should be able to help you confirm a date ASAP.

Before you make a final decision about your venue, don't forget to think about these factors:

- Is the venue in line with your wedding vision?

- Will your guests be able to get to the venue and can the venue accommodate their needs?

- What is included at the venue and what might you have to source elsewhere?

And remember...

Stay true to what you believe is the right decision for you as a couple.
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When you have decided on what seems to be your perfect venue for your wedding you will need to finalise your plans.

This is vital when planning a wedding so you get a venue that's best suited to your overall plans.

Visiting the venue is essential.

Make sure you go there more than once, at different times of day, as the location may look different depending on when you visit.

You should also enquire how many weddings the venue hosts each day.

You want to have all their attention when you're planning a wedding and on the day itself.

Here's a journal entry we wrote that you may find useful when choosing a venue for your wedding.

"21 Best Wedding Venues in London | A Luxury Event Florist’s Guide"

4. Choosing and Booking Wedding Vendors for Your Big Day

Wedding planners are a major asset when you're finding wedding vendors for your event.

They have a network of reputable professionals who are a good fit for your vision and values.

Like our team at Blooming Haus that has a sustainable ethos and loves supporting local floral suppliers.
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Choosing the right vendors is a vital aspect of planning a wedding, so take the time to consider every detail.

Don't just rely on the top search results on Google.

Check out social media such as hashtags on Instagram and ask for referrals from friends and relatives.

When you're considering a vendor ask the right questions before you make a final choice.

- Are any client referrals available?
- Do their values align with yours?
- Is there a payment plan available?

Don't forget to make sure you get all included items and services put down in writing.

And never be afraid to support smaller businesses if you believe they are the right choice for you.

We often find that this type of business is able to provide a personal and dedicated service.

We also have an excellent relationship with top wedding suppliers in London and we're happy to make recommendations as part of our service.

You can also get some useful insight from our journal entry.

"10 Best Wedding Suppliers in London | Get The Luxe Look (2023)"

5. Get Organised From The Get-Go

The main factor that makes planning a wedding a success is being organised.

it's essential to make sure this happens right from the start of the process.

Working with a wedding planner is a big help.

They have experience and contacts that make your planning journey a lot easier and less stressful.
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Do I really need a wedding planner?

When we're working with couples we get asked this question a lot.

We always say the same thing;

"Hiring a wedding planner is an excellent investment."

These are the main reasons why:

- Professionals are experts in contracts and they can stop you from losing out financially.
- The experts have a network of contacts that are reputable and trustworthy.
- You have someone to create schedules and timelines for your big day and to make sure everyone sticks to them.
- Wedding planners know what questions to ask and what vendors should provide.
- You can shine on social media and spread the love with a little professional help.
- Every little detail will be considered including special extras that you may not have thought about.
- There is someone to help you negotiate any issues with family and friends and give everyone a sense of perspective.
- You have a ready-made sounding board for all those important decisions.
- The stress of planning a wedding is lifted from your shoulders so you can be involved without feeling overwhelmed.

Last but not least...

A wedding planner has a holistic approach that brings everything together to create your perfect wedding celebration.

6. Finessing The Florals For Your Wedding

Wedding flowers are an essential aspect of planning a wedding.

They're central to the way your big day looks and feels.

At Blooming Haus, we're passionate about creating innovative wedding florals for couples.

And, every aspect of our work is carried out with strict attention to detail resulting in exquisite wedding floristry that's the perfect complement to your wedding colours, decor, and theme.

Whether your preference is for contemporary or classic, we'll bring our creativity to unique florals for your wedding.

We're always mindful of sustainability, so you can take care of the planet and achieve the beautiful floral effect you're dreaming of.

We've also been listed as a recommended wedding florist on Tatler's Address Book and we're recognised for our holistic approach.
This approach means that we're happy to help you source vendors for your wedding using our connections with reputable providers if you would like us to do so.

This is part of the personal approach that we are very proud of.

We'll help you arrange every aspect of your wedding florals from conceptualisation to being there every step of the way on your big day.

We start by meeting you at your venue for the initial conceptualisation.

Then, we create detailed sketches.

Once, we've agreed on these with you we create breathtaking florals for your wedding celebration.

And, we're there on the day to make sure everything goes to plan.

Our approach is personal to every couple including our payment plans which we're happy to discuss with you.
Our luxury wedding floristry design encompasses every aspect of your wedding.

This includes:

- Bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets
- Groom’s, groomsmen’s, and ring bearer’s boutonnieres
- Corsages
- Bride’s floral crown or hairpiece
- Entryway arrangements
- Alter arrangements
- Aisle decorations
- Wedding arches
- Hanging flower arrangements
- Table arrangements
- Centrepieces
- Food station arrangements
- Flowers for the wedding cake
- Cake table arrangements
- Tossing bouquet

Want luxury sustainable floristry for your wedding?

That's excellent news.

Call us on 020 3389 9609 to discuss floral designs for your big day.

Or, send an email to

We look forward to helping you on your wedding planning journey.

Have questions or comments about planning a wedding in 2023 or beyond?

Just pop something in the comments and we’ll get on it ASAP. 

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