Summer Weddings: What Flowers Are In Season?

Many couples prefer the idea of getting married in the summertime, thanks to the promise of clear sunny days filled with laughter, joy and the sweet smell of flowers. And it’s no surprise that August is the most popular month in which to get married, with the best potential to host a reception outdoors, take glorious photographs in the sun, and celebrate late into the evening with family and friends at glorious summer weddings.

Fortunately, summer also provides many playful and colourful blooms to pick from, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. You may be wondering which flowers are available during the warmer months, which is why we’ve put together a guide to what’s in season, helping you create your perfect bridal bouquet and accessories.

White Wedding Flowers


Peonies traditionally represent freshness, fertility and romance, and if you’re planning an all-white wedding these beautiful blooms will easily fit the bill. They are elegant focal flowers, sleek and the perfect choice for a soft, delicate arrangement, able to stand alone and look graceful when hand-tied.

For a full, blossoming arrangement, they can be combined with other romantic flowers such as garden roses and early summer weddings tulips. You can create a stunning arrangement using white peonies, peachy garden roses, orange blossoms and hanging greens—a classic look with soft colours to complement your dress. They always pair well with roses and fresh herbs, which provide contrasting greenery in lighter shades than its own leaves.


This vining shrub is highly sought-after for bridal bouquets due to its unique sensual fragrance, full of movement stems, dainty leaves and gorgeous flowers. Jasmine has long been a fixture of Middle Eastern weddings, thought to bless new couples with profound affection and eternal happiness. Its sweet scent will certainly enchant your guests, especially when combined with other perfumed blooms like roses and peonies. Another option is to incorporate trails of jasmine into a bouquet for an elegant finish. Pair the star shaped flower with honeysuckle, orange blossom and sweet peas to create a fresh, feminine and very fragrant wedding bouquet.


They look just like daisies! Taking you back to your childhood days of making daisy chains in the garden, cosmos are quaint flowers looks lovely as part of a hand-tied white bouquet with a touch of yellow, or in a mixed arrangement with seasonal flowers such as anemones and ranunculus. They are a classic and textural addition to most summer weddings bouquets — for instance, a bunch of cosmos will work well with other garden flowers, and can be used against other white flowers to create a matching composition.

Yellow and orange flowers

Sunflowers and Rudbeckias
They are quintessential summer wedding flowers that will radiate positivity on your big day. Their bright yellow, warm orange, dark orange, brown or white colour (there’re many new varieties on the market) will add joy to your bouquet, while their dark centres offer a hint of drama. Embodying summer, they look the part for a rustic-themed wedding, especially if you skillfully pair them with other greenery to make a delightful bouquet. That said, the key to the perfect arrangement is to keep a low number of sunflowers without going overboard — due to their size they will be the focal point and paired with other yellow or warm orange flowers, such as Rudbeckias they will create a pleasing harmony and keep proportion in any arrangement. Both also look wonderful with complementary colours, for example with blue blooms like thistles, delphiniums and scabiosas.
Poppies can be sourced until early summer. They are stunningly delicate, with an earthy feel that makes them look effortless in a wedding bouquet. Plenty of other flowers pair well with poppies, giving you plenty of options, including peonies, dahlias and garden roses. Their full petals and wiry, full of movement stems are easy to work with, and can simply add interest to any flower arrangement. Choose orange poppies for a bright summer feel that will look crisp against a white wedding dress.
These small yellow balls of flowers originate from the daisy family, and can add texture to your wedding bouquet. Craspedia works perfectly within a yellow, white and grey colour scheme — simply combine them with roses, phlox and lisianthus. They naturally sit well in both garden and modern arrangements with other graphic flowers, such as anthuriums as well as royal blue blooms like irises. Add a pop of summer flowers to your white wedding with yellow craspedia, creating a meadow-inspired bouquet. 

Purple and pink flowers

Veronicas work with almost every colour scheme, helping to easily brighten up your summer wedding bouquet. With their elegant spires and striking coloured plume, they can add a soft line and complement a large bouquet of other whimsical flowers, such as peonies, alongside lilies of the valley. Bold purple veronicas can also be arranged with roses, cosmos, thlapsi and lisianthus, and what they lack in scent is made up for by their stunning beauty. This flower can poke out the top of bouquets gracefully to produce a wild, garden inspired arrangement.
This bell-shaped bloom is a great filler to any wedding bouquet, thanks to its delicate character and lovely fragrance. Though they have petite flowers, they are expressive, adding lightness and texture, while moving elegantly in the summer breeze. Lavender-coloured types can be combined with voluminous peonies in pinks and purples for a bright, feminine-looking bouquet, while paler varieties are fragrant, choose violet shades of freesia for a sweeter scent. For a garden inspired bouquet, pick dahlias, stock and lisianthus to complement the freesias. This bloom can be used in all the various summer weddings flower arrangements and adds romantic appeal.
Although typically spring flowers, irises can also be sourced in summer. They are an underused and under-appreciated wedding flower, yet they ooze femininity, grace and enchantment. This flower will complement a breezy beach wedding with a blue colour scheme, or simply a casual summer affair. Irises offer deep symbolism, representing spirituality, desire, sensuality and affection. When arranged into a bouquet, you want it to look simple yet stylish and chic, which irises pull off beautifully. Combine purple blooms with roses, orchids, lavender, sunflowers or daffodils, and opt for a hand-tied bouquet. It's a perfect choice for summer weddings.
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