Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: New “Elizabeth Rose” By David Austin

If you're a fan of the royals, you know that the Queen's Platinum Jubilee was a HUGE deal! I

It's unlikely that a reign of 70+ years will ever happen again.

As a luxury florist based in London, it was a special moment in history we won't be forgetting any time soon.

That's why we were delighted when David Austin (one of our favourite rose providers to use) announced the NEW "Elizabeth" Rose to mark the occasion.

The Elizabeth (Ausmajesty) has beautiful pale pink apricot blooms and is a stunning addition to the famous rose grower's collection.

Keep reading to find out more about this new rose for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Everything You Need to Know About the NEW "Elizabeth Rose" by David Austin

1. Announcing the "Elizabeth Rose"

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in early June marked a historic occasion.

Elizabeth II is the first British Monarch to have reigned for 70 years.

And she has done so with grace and wisdom.

The British public was out in force in recognition of this once-in-a-lifetime event.
Flower growers also joined in with the celebrations.

In honour of such a notable event, the growers at David Austin Roses introduced a new English shrub rose to the world.

The "Elizabeth Rose" has graceful blooms fit for royalty - and the naming of the rose has been approved by the Royal Family.

Now that it has been unveiled, the rose will adorn many gardens with its stunning presence, enhanced by repeat flowering.
The exquisite 'Elizabeth' shrub rose is the latest in a long line of premium roses produced by David Austin Roses since the business was founded more than 60 years ago.

We're huge admirers of this company and love working with David Austin Roses.

Our Lead Master Florist and Co-Founder, Michal, in particular, lists these roses amongst his favourite blooms.

So, we're excited to see David Austin Roses contributing to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in such a beautiful way.

2. Appearance and Scent of the "Elizabeth Rose"

The 'Elizabeth' rose has a distinctive scent that freshens and sweetens the air.

The aroma has hints of lemon sherbet and Old Rose, and it's an attractive feature of this new creation.

We're impressed!

We also love the dark green foliage that perfectly offsets the delicate colours of the flowers.
Talking of colours, the combination here is truly stunning.

The blooms change colour from apple blossom pink to blush white with the exquisite addition of a touch of golden apricot.

They truly are a breathtaking flower to mark the festivities.

It fits with the Queen's great love of flowers and has a reputation for being 'dependable', which is symbolic of our monarch.

The trusty Taurus has been the one constant for everyone here in the UK in turbulent times.

The Elizabeth rose's 'reliability' comes as a result of its health and versatility.

It's perfect for a mixed border, rose border, and rose hedges.

Not only is it beautiful it will serve as a reminder of this special time for many years to come.

3. David Austin Also Launches "Bring Me Sunshine"

'Elizabeth' is not the only new rose to be introduced to the world by David Austin Roses for 2022.

The company has also launched "Bring Me Sunshine." Already, we adore the name.

This rose is perfect if you're looking for flowers that convey a happy, feel-good vibe.

The cupped rosette flowers of bold yellow-orange are great fun and brighten any landscape.
"Bring me Sunshine" was given its name as a tribute to the great British comedy duo Morecambe and Wise.

The song of the same name was made famous by the duo in 1969.

Since then, it's become a much-loved tune in the UK, and it's synonymous with a positive vibe.
The song's title and the rose's name perfectly capture the essence of Morecambe and Wise.

Born John Eric Bartholomew and Ernest Wiseman, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise brought sunshine into a lot of lives.

Their partnership was famous across stage, radio, and TV and lasted for over 40 years.

Even after the sad death of Eric Morecambe in 1984, the duo still influenced comedy in the UK.

David Austin Snr. was a big fan of Morecambe and Wise, so the naming of the 'Bring Me Sunshine' rose is also something of a tribute to him.

4. Over 60 Years of David Austin Roses

It was the late David Austin Snr. who founded the business in 1961.

Its foundations were modest, with just Mr Austin, his wife, and a small team working on breaking new ground in horticulture.

The first rose launched was Constance Spry (Ausfirst), in 1961.

You can see how incredibly beautiful it is from this photograph taken in the USA.
David Austin Snr. is a man who we deeply respect.

As luxury London florists, we love his vision for bringing stunning, repeat-flowering, scented roses to gardens worldwide.

And, we share his passion for spreading the positive influence of stunning flowers.

It's something we have total belief in.

Soon after it began, David Austin Roses produced an annual Handbook of Roses.

As floral design professionals, we're well acquainted with this publication.

And we're excited that this year's 60th Handbook of Roses is as fascinating as ever.
Today David Austin Roses is one of the premier rose growers in the world.

It's as dedicated as ever to producing new English Rose varieties that have beautiful colours and amazing scents.

This is why most of its growth is still done by hand, and every plant is hand-budded.

This dedicated care and attention help to create the exuberant blooms for which the David Austin Roses brand is so well-known.

And this attention to detail is one reason that Michal is such an admirer of these roses.

It's something that he feels is important in any industry and an ethos that he applies to all his designs, as do we all at Blooming Haus.

5. Bring David Austin Roses to Your Celebration

Love the way the "Elizabeth Rose" commemorates the Queen's Platinum Jubilee?

We're with you.

It's apt that such an elegant rose is associated with a monarch who is also known for her grace.

The good news is that you don't need to be royal, or celebrate a jubilee, to benefit from the beauty of David Austin Roses.

We love working with these stunning English Roses, and we'd be happy to help you integrate them into the floral designs for your celebrations, weddings or events.

As you can see, we create stunning results with roses, and we'll work with you to make sure your designs are unique and breathtaking.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Another reason why David Austin Roses are amongst our favourite flowers to work with is the company's passion for sustainability.

This is a passion we share.

Protecting the environment is at the core of every single one of our designs.

We use green energy in our studio, compost our organic waste, resuse flower buckets, and steer clear of any non-recyclable packaging.


We plant a tree for every corporate client or wedding in honour of the occasion.

So, far we've planted hundreds of trees!

Get the stunning floral designs you've dreamed of with a clear conscience knowing you've chosen a florist with integrity and purpose.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Our dedicated service is personalised to each event.

So, whether we're designing with roses or other fresh flowers, you get results that are unique to your requirements.

We draw sketches in situ, so our design work complements the setting for the event.

We create more comprehensive designs from these sketches and agree on them with you.

Then, we bring our designs to life with breathtaking florals.

we're there on the day to make sure that everything goes to plan - from seamless installations to quick, efficient, and sustainable deconstruction, no stone goes unturned.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Want us to help you adorn your event with luxury floristry?

That's excellent news.

Every aspect of our design service will be carried out with strict attention to detail.

And the final results are guaranteed to elevate your event.


We look forward to being part of your event planning journey.

Have questions or comments about the "Elizabeth" Rose and the Queen's Platinum Jubilee?

What do you think of the new rose? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Talk to us about our favourite David Austin roses today, and start planning your next unforgettable event.

And, feel free to ask questions in the comments; we'll be here to answer them for you.

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