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REVEALED: The British Royal Family’s Favourite Flowers

Curious to know the British Royal Family's favourite flowers?

We have the answers for you from our trusty sources!

You only have to look at the amazing royal gardens across the UK to understand the Royal's love for nature and the great outdoors.

Think of the colourful lawn borders at Buckingham Palace...

...and the wildflower meadow at Kensington Palace. 

Discover which blooms the Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and the Duchess of Cornwall hold close to their hearts, right here.

The British Royal Family's Favourite Flowers

1. The Favourite Flowers of Queen Elizabeth II

Being the favourite flower of Queen Elizabeth II is quite something. 

That accolade belongs to the beautiful lily of the valley

These delicate blooms are harder than you might think. 

And, they’re a permanent feature of the floral displays at Buckingham Palace. 

The flowers were also included in the Queen’s coronation bouquet in 1953. 

It’s appropriate that the lily of the valley has such a special place in the monarch’s heart, given that they symbolise trustworthiness.

2. Chosen Blooms of Other Royals

Some members of the royal family tweeted about their favourite flowers during the Virtual Chelsea Flower Show in 2020. 

As luxury London florists who are passionate about flowers, we love that they revealed their appreciation of blooms. 

And, we’re excited to share their revelations with you. 

Prince Charles - delphinium

The Prince of Wales described gardening as “marvellous and therapeutic.”

He also declared a passion for the “magnificent” delphinium

Prince Charles grows these vividly coloured blooms in the grounds of his official residence, Highgrove House. 

They evoke thoughts of Edwardian watercolours in his mind. 

The delphinium symbolises positivity, so it’s a good choice of favourite bloom for the country’s next monarch. 

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall - alchemilla mollis

Alchemilla mollis, also known as ‘lady’s mantle’, is a fairly unusual choice of favourite ‘flower’. 

It’s a foliage only plant...

This may not be an obvious pick, but we’re with the Duchess when it comes to her choice. 

We love the colours and textures that foliage can add to a floral display. 

Many gardeners share our view and use alchemilla mollis as a filler for flower beds

Princess Anne - hellebores

The helleborus or “Christmas rose” is the favoured flower of Princess Anne. 

She described having a penchant for these gorgeous blooms...

Her reasons are the variety of markings on the flower and its lengthy flowering period

The Princess is not the only one who feels this way. 

Helleborus are hardy blooms that decorate gardens across the country during the winter months. 

The Earl and Countess of Wessex - azaleas

This royal couple has a shared love for stunning azaleas...

The blooms they shared on the official royal family Twitter feed were hot pink and orange. 

But, azaleas come in a myriad of shades, from vivid to pastel. 

The Earl and Countess also referred to the “intoxicating scent” of azaleas. 

We’re with them on this. 

These glorious flowers have a light floral aroma that’s blissful. 

The Duchess of Gloucester - sweet peas

Sweet peas have a special place in the heart of many people. 

This includes the Duchess of Gloucester, the Queen’s cousin.

It’s easy to see why she holds these blooms in such esteem. 

Sweet peas are summer flowers that create displays with a myriad of different colours.

The Duke of Gloucester - Daisies

The Duke is a little unusual as he enjoys digging daisies up from between paving stones. 

Not many people share that enjoyment! 

He also re-plants his favourite flowers so that they can thrive and grow.

We’re impressed with this protection of nature by a working member of the royal family. 

After all, the world would be a much duller place without the beauty of flowers like daisies

Princess Alexandra - Golden Celebration Rose

Another of the Queen’s cousins, Princess Alexandra, has a passion for roses

She has a special place in her heart for one particular variety, the Golden Celebration Rose.

The Princess lists the pleasure of its appearance and unique scent as reasons for this choice. 

We’re in total agreement; this is a truly magical bloom. 

It graces any garden, royal or otherwise.

3. Hints of Other Royal Floral Favourites

Not every member of the royal family has revealed their favourite flowers online. 

But, we’ve had plenty of hints about which blooms are special to them, starting with a Princess who left her mark on all our lives...

Princess Diana - forget-me-nots

We know that the Princess loved these delicate flowers thanks to one of her sons...

Prince Harry planted forget-me-nots at a preschool in California on the 23rd anniversary of his mother’s death. 

He also recognised them as Princess Diana’s favourite flower when he named the charity Sentebale. 

The charity cares for children orphaned due to AIDS and was set up jointly with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. 

Sentebale means ‘forget me not’ in Lesotho’s native language, and the name is in honour of both the princes’ late mothers. 

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - hyacinths 

Hyacinths were one of the featured flowers in the wedding bouquet of the Duchess of Cambridge...

Although, it seems that the Duchess has a love of flowers overall rather than favouring one particular bloom. 

While she certainly has a fondness for hyacinths, she’s also displayed a partiality for woodland blooms. 

Her garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019 “Back to Nature” featured blue periwinkle, forget-me-nots, and astrantias. 

Princess Beatrice - waxflower 

The waxflower featured in the bridal bouquet of Princess Beatrice when she married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, in 2020...

The micro-wedding had a vintage theme making the waxflower an excellent choice. 

Also in the bouquet were sweet peas, roses, jasmine, and astilbe

Princess Eugenie - Thistles 

Like her sister Beatrice, we got an idea of Princess Eugenie’s favourite flowers from her wedding bouquet.

A stand-out feature of the bouquet was the inclusion of thistles with their unique shape and colour...

We’re big fans of the features of these flowers, and we use them to enliven our designs. 

They were the perfect accompaniment to the lily of the valley, white spray roses, and trailing ivy that also featured in Princess Eugenie’s bouquet. 

For more insight into favourite royal flowers in wedding bouquets, take a look at our journal entry. 

Royal Wedding Bouquets Through The Ages”

4. Share Your Favourite Flowers With Us

What do you think of the royal family’s favourite blooms

Do you agree with their choices? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

We’d also like to know which flowers you love and why

We all have flowers that we’re passionate about. 

At Blooming Haus, Michal declares one of his biggest joys to be finding and designing with less common blooms like David Austin roses and parrot tulips

Michael is inspired by the colour palettes of different seasons

What makes a flower stand out to you? 

Share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

What does your favourite flower say about you? 

You can get an idea of this from the meaning of flowers. 

We’re really interested in the language of flowers, ‘floriography’

We discussed it in a recent journal entry.  

Flower Symbolism: What does your wedding bouquet mean?

We’re happy to share a brief insight with you.
Picture credit: Blooming Haus
Bear in mind; this isn’t an exact science. 

Take a look and see what you think...

- Roses romantic flowers. They’re a popular choice for people who think with their hearts. 

- Choosing tulips as a favourite flower suggests that you’re confident and thoughtful. 

- If daisies have a special place in your heart, you’re an optimist who tends to find good in any situation. 

- If you have a passion for lilacs, you have a nostalgic soul and love nothing more than looking through old photos and reminiscing about the past. 

- Daffodils are a favourite with people who have a laid back personality and enjoy having fun. 

- Choosing a sunflower as the bloom that has your heart means you love making friends and enjoy being the centre of attention. 

- Orchids have an air of sophistication and mystery. If you’re a fan of these blooms, people are likely to be drawn to you. 

- Peonies are likely to be your flower of choice if you have a bold and positive personality. 

- If you love lilies, you’re hardworking and proud of what you have accomplished. 

- Carnations are favoured by people who remain down-to-earth no matter what. 

- Choosing poppies as your favourite flower means you’re fun, creative, and quirky. 

- If zinnias are one of your passions, you’re a passionate person with a glamorous but edgy style. 

Do those insights make sense to you? 

How accurate do you think they are? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Just pop them in the comments

5. Bring Your Floral Designs to Life

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6. Other Journal Entries You May Find Useful

We hope you enjoyed this exposé on the British Royal Families favourite flowers.

Do any of the flowers share the same favourite flower as you? Let us know in the comments section below we would love to hear from you.
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