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10 Flowers That Symbolise Peace and Why

Looking for flowers that symbolise peace to bring balance and relaxation to your life?

We hear you.

We live in a world where conflict is reported every day.

And we all need to balance that with some personal peace.

Flowers that symbolise peace help you do this.

As luxury floral designers in London, flowers are our passion; they all make us feel good.

But some have a special peaceful symbolism that enhances our lives, and we're excited to share it with you.

Keep reading to get some peaceful vibes from flowers.

What Flowers Represent Peace?

1. Lavender

Lavender is often associated with peace and tranquility due to its soothing scent.

It's one of the most well-known flowers that symbolise peace.

Lavender has an aroma that helps you destress and brings some peace to a busy day.

It's also used in relaxing aromatherapy treatments.

Plus, the beautiful blooms are enough to make your day seem a whole lot brighter.
The peace and accord associated with lavender create a great vibe for a bouquet.

And these beautiful blooms are perfect for quirky natural floral creations like our design below.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Lavender traditionally blooms from June to September in the UK and is harvested in late July.

So, it's ideal for a summer wedding where you want to reflect the peaceful harmony of nature in your celebrations.

2. Peace Lily

The name says it all with the peace lily.

It's one of our favourite flowers that symbolise peace.

The white blossoms of the flowers also represent innocence and harmony, while the leaves indicate resilience and strength.
These lilies were first associated with peace because they reminded travelers of the white flags associated with surrender or ending the war.

The meaning of these flowers makes them perfect for settling a dispute.

So, if you've had a stupid fight with a friend, why not buy them some peace lily blooms as a way of fixing the problem?

These flowers that symbolise peace are also a welcome addition to contemporary floral displays.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Peace lilies usually flower in the spring or the beginning of summer.

So, they're a perfect summer birthday gift for someone you want to make amends with or even for a friend you've grown distant from who you want to grow closer to again.

3. White Rose

As far back as Victorian times, white roses were given as gifts to symbolise love, peace, and an unbreakable bond.

They're still regarded as one of the flowers that symbolise peace today.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
These stunning blooms also symbolise innocence and loyalty.

So, they're a popular choice as a wedding flower.

We love how breathtaking pure white roses are and how they have an aura of peace around them.

So, we use them in our luxury floral creations, such as this 200 white roses bouquet.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
This hand-tied bouquet contains the freshest white roses available and is presented in an exquisite vase.

It's arranged on compostable and eco-friendly material, so it's gorgeous and eco-friendly and brings luxury and peace to the recipient.

4. Peony

The peony has many cultural significances and meanings across the world.

On these meanings is a strong connection with peace and prosperity which is why it features in our list of flowers that symbolise peace.

The beauty of a peony's flowers and its soft fragrance combine to instill a peaceful calming feeling.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Peonies also symbolise luck in romance and successful marriage.

They bloom in spring and early summer, so they're often seen at summer weddings.

They're also an excellent romantic gift.

Considering the symbolism of peace and romantic success, who wouldn't love to receive our exquisite Rosolite Bouquet containing pink peonies and delicate phlox?
Flowers by Blooming Haus
The colours and textures of this stunning bouquet bring joy to any recipient.

So if you want to bring peace and love to someone close to you, the Roselite is perfect.

5. White Poppy

White poppies are one of the most popular flowers that symbolise peace.

They stand for the belief that killing is not the only way to resolve conflicts and that war is a bad thing.

These flowers first became prominent following World War I as a way of saying "never again."
Although conflicts still happen globally, the message of peace without violence that the white poppy conveys still exists.

Poppy flowers in general are also a symbol of renewal, peace, and calmness.

Poppies usually bloom in June and July.

So, they're a great choice for summer celebrations, especially as part of a luxurious white and green theme like the one we created, shown below.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
If your aim is to bring style and a peaceful vibe to your event, including white poppies is a good idea.

Their blooms are beautiful, and we love their associated symbolism.

6. Violet

The violet's association with peace, devotion, and healing dates back as far as Ancient Rome.

Romans believed that violets brought peace to the afterlife.

Of course, they also create a peaceful environment in your current life.

And, they're associated with mental clarity, which we all need to improve from time to time.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
As well as its association with peace, the violet has also come to symbolise faithfulness, everlasting love, and remembrance.

Given their wide-ranging significance, we love including violets in our unique floral designs like this partnership with lilies...
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Violets have different blooming periods, between February and May, depending on the variety involved.

Their blooms are blue-purple, pink, yellow, or white and have five petals.

7. Apple Blossom

When apple blossoms bloom in spring and early summer, they bring an association with peace and fruitfulness.

As well as beautiful and delicate white and pink shades.
In addition to its connection with peace, the apple blossom symbolises rebirth and fertility.

So, these blossoms are an apt addition to a wedding bouquet, when a couple is starting a new life.

Including them in this way could also indicate a wish to bring new lives into the world in the future.

We love including blossoms in hand-tied bouquets and boutonnieres like the example below.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
These delicate flowers are gorgeous

And they definitely deliver a peaceful vibe.

8. Lotus Flower

Buddhists believe the lotus flower represents peace, inner calmness, and wholeness.

This lovely flower can be seen as allowing any negativity to flow through you without changing your position.

This makes conflict less likely and brings overall peace to your life.

The pink lotus is especially associated with peace, but we think you'll agree that white lotus flowers also have a calm and serene quality.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
We certainly believe that our beautiful floral creations have a peaceful essence as well as creating a unique visual experience.

They're a stunning addition to an event space.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
The exact meaning of the flower differs between cultures.

But there's a consensus that the lotus symbolises peace, freedom, and enlightenment.

So the positivity of these flowers that bloom from July to September is without dispute.

9. Hyacinth

The hyacinth has long been associated with peace and is the flower of Apollo, the Greek god of goodness.

So, its blooms are a positive addition to your life.

Other symbolism associated with the hyacinth includes beauty, dedication, and power.
Hyacinths bloom in a variety of colours including white, cream, pink, rose, lavender, blue, deep purple, and red.

So, if you want to include these peace-enhancing blooms at your event, you can choose the perfect shade for your theme.

For example, purple hyacinth would be a good fit in our event set-up below.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Hyacinths usually bloom in early to mid-spring.

So, they're excellent flowers that symbolise peace to include in celebrations and events at that time of year.

10. Cosmos

Cosmos flowers are delicately beautiful.

They have a simple elegance.

White cosmos, in particular, symbolizes peace.

These beautiful flowers are also associated with renewal, growth, innocence, and harmony.
These flowers that symbolise peace have a natural beauty we love.

They provide a colourful contrast to a green backdrop.

So, they're an apt flower to include in a bouquet for a woodland wedding.

Their association with peace and balance is perfect for the location.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Both annual and perennial varieties of cosmos flower during the summer months.

So, they bring a peaceful aura to a summer occasion.

11. Bring Beauty and Peace to Your Home or Event

Looking to include flowers that symbolize peace in your event landscape?

We're excited to help.

We'll bring beautiful flowers and a peaceful vibe to your celebrations.

Every detail will get our full attention, and you'll get a fully personalised service.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
We love working with flowers that symbolize peace because we believe in bringing peace and balance to the world.

This belief is behind our sustainable ethos, which includes the following:

- Using 100% green energy to power our studio.
- Partnering with local business Quiver for local deliveries by bicycle.
- Using a fleet of fully electric vehicles to reduce emissions.
- Composting organic waste rather than sending it to landfill.
- Avoiding the use of materials that can't be composted where possible.
- Reusing flower baskets and delivery packaging
- Recycling carton boxes and other recyclable packaging.
- Working with suppliers that use organisations such as the Soil Association and the Rainforest Alliance to quality check supplies.
- Using probiotic cleaning products where possible.

We're always happy to use these practices to bring flowers that symbolise peace to our designs, as you can see from our display featuring white roses.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Continuing our dedication to a peaceful and healthy world, we're passionate about tree planting.

We know how much this activity can help tackle climate change.

Read our journal entry for more information about this.

"Can Planting Trees Really Help Us Tackle Climate Change?"

If you're reading this article to find wedding flowers that symbolise peace, why not plan your flowers with us?

We fund a tree to be planted for every wedding couple we work with so you get the peaceful vibe you're looking for and protect the planet simultaneously.

What's not to love 😍?

We also fund a tree to be planted annually in the name of each corporate client we work with long-term.
contact us
We'll also fund a tree to be planted in your name if you choose flowers that symbolise peace from our shop.

Of course, you can choose any of our stunning bouquets, and we'll make the same contribution to the environment on your behalf.

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