Rhea Bouquet

£ 95 - 195

Product details
Our Rhea bouquet is hand-tied and made up lovingly by one of our Blooming Haus florists and delivered to you or your loved one by our specialised delivery company.  Composed of roses, clematis, ammis, bunny tails, dahlias, viburnum, and grasses.  For special requests, please contact us directly. Sustainability

Made in the Greek Goddess Rhea's image, this fruitful white and green bouquet is brimming with heavenly combinations!

As the Great Mother of the Olympians, Rhea symbolises female fertility and new beginnings - making this the perfect bouquet for expecting mothers or those embarking on the start of a new career.

Pefect peaches, life-affirming greens, and pure whites combine to echo our vision of the celestial.

As an ode to Rhea's artifice in saving her son Zeus from Cronus' wrath we chose to include clematis for a pop of purple,  a bloom symbolic of mental beauty and ingenuity.

Finally, notice the spiky inflorescences reminiscent of the furry cottontails of rabbits AKA Bunny tails or lagarus - though an incredibly cute addition to any bouquet, here they are a cheeky nod to sexual activity and fertility (wonder what came first, this or the phrase 'at it like rabbits').

*We reserve the right to substitute flowers with other varieties of the same or higher monetary value should some blooms not be available.