Micro Wedding VS A Big Wedding | Which One is Right for You?

Have you heard the buzz about micro weddings? They’ve been big news lately. One of the reasons has been COVID-19 restrictions. But, here’s the thing… You can actually get real freedom from going micro with your wedding. How? By escaping from the expectations of a big event and focusing on the finer details.As luxury London florists, we’ve worked with couples over the last year who love the intimacy and simplicity of a smaller ceremony and reception. Micro weddings aren’t for everyone. But, you may be intrigued by the idea. Want to know more? Read on for our insights.

What is a micro wedding?

At a micro wedding, you can expect anything from around 5-20 people. As the name suggests, only a small number of guests attend micro-weddings. While smaller,  this doesn’t stop them from being big on romance and excitement.  Having a smaller guest list means you get to pay attention to aesthetic details like a stunning dress and expertly designed floral arrangements. While the rules are changing all the time in the UK COVID-19 restrictions has definitely brought the micro-wedding into the spotlight. You’re simply not allowed to have a lot of guests right now.

That’s not the whole story though.
Couples seem to be enjoying smaller weddings, and at Blooming Haus, we have predicted that it is a trend set to stay. There’s something special about the intimate environment that just works! There’s often a lot less stress too.

How many guests at a micro wedding?

Typically, micro weddings have no more than 20 guests. Although, that depends on who you ask. These events are all about having a small guest list compiled of simply your nearest and dearest.

Is going micro a good idea?

Many people may be upset by the idea that they may not get to have their grand wedding of 200+  guests any time soon. However, for many people couples, we’ve spoken to, for them, on reflection it was a blessing in disguise. Are you thinking that a micro-wedding sounds perfect for you?
The pros of a micro wedding include:

• your wedding should be about you and your partner celebrating your love. Not having hundreds of guests to keep happy, and worry about the endless logistics.  Your love and moment will be yours to cherish.
• it’s more intimate. You get to speak to everyone at your wedding and give them the time of day, enjoying their attendance.
• you don’t get stressed out from having to manage numerous invitations, responses and questions from guests.
• you and your partner feel more relaxed and in control.
• weddings can be really expensive. Opting for a micro event means you get to spend your wedding budget on the finer things such as exquisite flowers, a talented photographer, or a dream honeymoon.

Can small weddings be fun?

Of course!

You can have just as much fun with a micro-wedding if not more.

Here’s why…

• you might feel more comfortable with a small number of friendly faces around.
• your wedding budget buys exclusive decor and dining rather than paying for guests you barely know.
• you don’t spend the entire time checking on a horde of guests, it’s all about love, relaxation, and enjoying your day.
While we have been extolling the virtues of micro weddings in this blog so far, of course, there are two sides to every coin…

Should I have a big wedding? 

You’ve heard the saying, “go big or go home”, right?
We’ve worked our floral magic at many grand weddings where this has been apt.
The pros of having a big wedding:

• you get to invite everyone. If you’re a social butterfly with a whole host of close friends and relatives, you’ll probably love the fact that no-one feels left out. Many of the wedding couples we’ve worked within the past have huge families on both sides.
• it’s party time. Think dj or live band and a dance floor packed with hundreds of people. It will be a night everyone in attendance will remember forever.
• the gifts. It’s not selfish to look forward to wedding gifts, is it? This is your time to shine.
• it’s what you want. Here’s the thing, if you want hundreds of guests on your big day then go with your heart (coronavirus restriction pending, obviously).

Different size – same decisions.
If a grand wedding is something you do have your heart set on then we suggest waiting it out until COVID is a thing of the past. Plus, it allows more time for planning!
Big or micro?
There are some things you need to consider whatever type of wedding day you choose.


You can’t get away from the “money” word when it comes to weddings. It may not seem romantic but you need to sit down and work out your budget. Do this before you make any plans. We love this wedding budget advice from Vogue.  It helps you to stay on track and be realistic. The good news?
At Blooming Haus, we appreciate the rising cost of weddings and have added a flexible payment plan option to our services to make your life just that little bit easier on the run-up to the big day. We hope it helps.
Feel free to go ahead and set up a no-obligation consultation with us so we can run through any ideas you may already have and share with you how it all works.

How much do micro weddings cost?

The cost of the wedding is totally down to the couple. In the UK the average cost of a wedding is £18,000 £32,000. 

Typical Wedding Flower Budget

As a general rule, the flower spend is usually around 10% of the final figure of the wedding. Some couples will spend less, some will spend more.  It all depends on what matters most to you. Work out where you’re not willing to compromise on cost and go from there. The beauty of the micro wedding means that there is often far more budget to play with. You don’t have to compromise on the finer details because you aren’t paying for other things such as mass catering, extra seating, and extra table settings etc. Which quickly adds up!
As a rough ballpark for you in the last year, our clients are paying around anywhere between for £2,500 – 20,000 for luxury flower arrangements for their weddings. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our Process:

1. Upon your initial enquiry with us, we will set up our online design consultation. During this meeting, we will get to know one another, learn more about your event,  and listen to any ideas you may already have about floral aesthetics.

2. Next, it’s time to see your chosen venue and meet you in person. Together,  with our art direction, we will fully conceptualise your floral designs in situ, unearthing the details that will form the foundation of your floral arrangements. Colours, textures, shapes, and architectural features all play an integral role, alongside the desired positioning and prominence of the floral installations.

3. From here, we will refine the designs through detailed drawings before sourcing trusted suppliers to grow the wide variety of chosen flowers and foliage until they are ready to be picked and delivered to us fresh. Your floral masterpieces will then be tastefully constructed.

4. Beyond flowers, finishing touches make a real difference to the impact of your event. At blooming haus, for a more holistic approach to aesthetics, we offer styling services to assist you with additional elements such as linens, crockery, and furniture to ensure all components are cohesive and balanced.

Guest List 

Worried about who to invite to your wedding? Don’t stress. The day is for you and your partner. It’s not for that cousin you haven’t seen since you were six.

Is it rude to have a small wedding?

There is no reason to feel guilty about having a small guest list. It’s most definitely not rude. Arguably, it’s easier to create a guest list if you’re going for a big event. If numbers are no issue, you can invite whoever you want.
But, don’t let that sway you. Whatever size of wedding you’re planning, stick to your guns. If you’ve decided on a micro wedding, keep your list to those really close to you.
Be clear about your intentions from the start and those you don’t invite shouldn’t be offended.
Here’s another quick tip to keep people sweet…
Embrace the era of Zoom and live steam your big day.

Seating Chart 

Regardless of whether you’re having a micro wedding or grand affair think carefully about who sits with who at your wedding. Want less stress about wedding day seating? Micro weddings can make things easier.
You can start to actually have fun deciding who will vibe with who if there are only a few guests to consider.
The best part?
Oftentimes, depending on the venue, you can all sit around one scintillating tablescape (which we think is just lovely – so intimate).


Do you have a dream wedding venue in mind? We have a strong network in the UK and abroad and we would be happy to provide direction on venues, wedding planners,  suppliers etc, that we love working with – simply because they are the best. Venue is key when deciding on the size of your event, you don’t want guests to feel lost in a huge space, or crowded in a smaller space. It’s all about balance. 
• you need to think about guests getting to the event. Is it doable? If it’s away from their home, where will they stay?  Etc.

• take a look at reviews and get feedback from people who know it. It helps if you can see what the venue looks like for a wedding. For example, you may find our wedding articles on our blog useful if you’re interested in locations such as kirtlington park, or bethnal green town hotel wedding.


For foodies, the menu also plays an integral role in the wedding. Of course, micro weddings allow for more budget and diversity in the menu. While grand affairs can add up quickly most people go for a set menu in this case.

How do I pick a menu for my reception?

Go back to your budget and work out what is doable. Decide on a theme, British Classics, Italian, Al la Carte etc. Set a limit for the amount you can spend per person based on how many guests are on the invite list.
If you only have a few guests, you can get more adventurous. 

Why should I hire a wedding photographer?

No matter how good your friend is with a camera, you should always choose a professional to capture your day. Why? Because it only happens once, often noted by brides as flying by in a blur. Photos and video mean you get to the treasure and relive it forever. Professional photographers are experienced, they also have reliable equipment and know-how to put everyone at ease. If you decide on a micro wedding, you may be able to save on photography costs.
Many professionals provide packages designed for this size of wedding with an average cost of around £1500-2000. Again, if you need a recommendation, we have plenty depending on the vision for your big day.
Just reach out!

Why are flowers important at a wedding?

At the risk of sounding biased, we believe that flowers make a wedding. This applies to a micro-wedding, just as it does to events with huge guest lists. In fact, couples who choose an intimate occasion are often more focused on the little touches. Maybe, you could place a tiny sprig of heather at each place setting, or give every guest a boutonnière.
After meeting with you, we will use our expert art direction to provide you with the most breathtaking installations within your budget.

How much are flowers for a small wedding?

We recommend you should dedicate around 10-20% of your wedding budget to the florals.

Just tell us what your budget is and we’ll work with you to provide the floral creations you’re dreaming of.
When it comes to micro weddings, use flowers to make a bold statement.

This adds extra sparkle to smaller gatherings.

• spoil yourself with a unique sumptuous bouquet of seasonal blooms.
• complement your wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers.
• create a focal point for your ceremony with architecturally creative floral arches or beautiful altarpieces.
• raise attention to detail to new levels with elaborate floral table centrepieces.


Flowers shine at big weddings too

Speak to us about florals that are personalised for you, your partner, and your day. We would be happy to help. At Blooming Haus we design everything from large and lavishly conceptualised installations to small table pieces for intimate gatherings.

Micro wedding or grand affair – in summary

Still, trying to take everything in? Don’t worry.
Take a breath, and take your time deciding whether you’re more micro wedding or a grand affair.
If you have any questions whatsoever let us know in the comments section below we would love to help.

In summary:

• micro weddings are easier to plan.
• having fewer guests means you have more time and money to invest in the details.
• a big wedding gives you the chance to invite everyone and have a party.
• but planning a big event, and keeping everyone happy, can be stressful.
• no matter how big or small your wedding is, get help from professional photographers and florists.

Additional Resources You May Find Useful 

We love helping brides and grooms get the wedding they dream of. Sharing our love of floral design is what we do best. You may also be interested to know that we will soon be hosting our spring Floral Design Masterclass. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a feel of the florals that can make your wedding shine, so why not join us? Bring your bridesmaids and share the experience with them too. We’ll show you how fresh flowers are sourced and you’ll even get to create your own design. The event may spark your inspiration for wedding day floral ideas. Rather be inspired from the comfort of your own home? No problem. We’ve got an array of blog posts to spark your imagination.
Here are some suggestions to get you started:

If there’s anything we’ve missed, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

And happy planning!

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