Spring Weddings: What Flowers are in Season?

Ah, spring weddings. The weather gets warmer, the grass gets greener and the flowers start blooming all over again. With that sense of renewal and possibility in the air, it’s no wonder that spring is one of the most common times of year to plan a wedding. Not only that, but the season’s array of pretty pastels and gorgeous spectrum of blue, red, and purple provides a perfect palate for your spring wedding flowers.

If you want to make the most of what nature has to offer at this time of year when arranging your wedding, the first thing to work out is what flowers are in season for a spring wedding. Luckily, with almost everything coming back into bloom, you’ll be spoilt for choice, which is splendid news when you consider how many parts of your big day call for flowers, whether bouquets to boutonnieres.

At Blooming Haus, we’re connoisseurs when it comes to choosing the right spring wedding flowers for any season. But with spring such a popular time to tie the knot, we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer our suggestions for the best spring wedding flowers to seamlessly combine into your dream day.

Striking Yellow and White Flowers for Spring Weddings

Daffodils (also known as narcissi) are the ultimate springtime flower. Their association with the end of winter has long represented new starts, prosperity, and good fortune as spring begins. As such, a bunch of daffodils can be an ideal part of any spring wedding flower arrangement, whether as a bridal bouquet or within a table centrepiece.

However, if you’re superstitious (or even just a little bit stitious) you shouldn’t have a single daffodil in a boutonniere. It’s believed that one lone daffodil signals bad luck—the last thing you want on your special day—so be sure to keep them together!
into arrangements, thanks to the multiple buds growing along their stems. However, they’re just as popular in corsages as they are in spring wedding bouquets, and with their strong yellow shade, they’ll stand out as brightly as the sun in whatever arrangement you choose to include them
A distant descendant of the olive family, the bright yellow blooms of the forsythia grow in bunches and, in Victorian times, these boldly coloured flowers symbolised anticipation—another extremely appropriate theme for a wedding day. With a distinct lack of leaves, forsythias are far more suited to table arrangements than bouquets, but their striking hue and singular shape make them an unmissable addition to spring wedding decor.

Pastel Blues, Purples and Pinks

Of course, you may prefer to choose some less vivid flowers for your spring wedding, offsetting the brightness of the wedding dress or any of the suggestions listed above. One springtime classic we can’t do without is the peony, which also represents prosperity and a long and happy marriage. Blooming in beautiful shades of pink, red, and cream, peonies are a quintessential spring wedding flower.
Also known as grape hyacinth, despite not actually a type of hyacinth, Muscari flowers grow in dense blue clusters which hang elegantly from the stem. These small but majestic-looking blossoms peak during spring, and their strong colour is said to represent confidence and tranquillity. Perfect sentiments for the true love and peaceful future you’ll be celebrating on your wedding day!
Although they normally start blooming in spring, we can also see blooming Myosotis sylvatica in summer. The inflorescence of forget-me-nots is composed of very small clusters of blue petals and yellow centres. Interestingly, their yellow centre gives extra possibilities for pairings with flowers in similar bright hues.
Another springtime favourite, lilacs not only bring a stunning burst of colour but a delicate scent to your wedding bouquet. Their beautiful pastel hues are sure to perfectly compliment any spring wedding flower arrangement, and although they come in many colours, lilacs offer apt symbolism in any shade. Blue means peace and happiness, magenta represents passion, while true lilacs convey first love. So no matter which you choose to incorporate into your spring wedding bouquet, it will be a splendid fit for the happiest day of your life.

Elevate Your Arrangement

Featherlike in appearance and as soft as a cloud, it almost seems wrong to consider the gentle springtime blooms of astilbe as filler plants. However, they help round off a bouquet beautifully while representing dedication.
Baby’s breath
Another classic is baby’s breath (also known as gypsophila), a textured spring flower which is especially popular as part of a flower garland or crown. There are currently many new varieties available with your florist, so look for the wild baby's breath for some unusual shape and colour.
Sweet peas
Symbolising delicacy, sweet peas are ornamental yet fragrant flowers which, filler though it may be, can really make a mark in a spring wedding bouquet.
While the flowers we’ve picked are just a few of our springtime favourites, there are plenty of other equally magical flowers that would make perfect additions to your wedding bouquet, in all manner of combinations. Contact us today and we can get started in putting together your dream spring wedding flowers arrangement. For wedding flowers inspiration browse through some of the world's top wedding blogs, including Wedding Chicks and Style me Pretty.
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