Ten Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

Flowers are an important part of a wedding and careful consideration has gone into the preparation of the flowers, such as the type of bloom and the colour. When meeting with your wedding florist it can be fun to be surrounded by beautiful, fragrant flowers whilst discussing your ideas and concepts. Like most other wedding elements, professional attention to detail is required to ensure your ideas come together. Mistakes are bound to happen during the planning process so we’ve listed a few of the most common mistakes. 

What are top wedding flower mistakes

1. Inconsistent colour scheme 

Keep your theme flowing through your whole wedding by having flower bouquets and arrangements that are consistent in colour and style. Choose two main colours for best results and avoid matching the colours to your bridesmaid dresses because if the tones are too similar they won’t stand out in photographs. Avoid bright colours unless you’re looking to create a bold, vibrant atmosphere. An experienced florist can assist you with creating your bouquets,  knowing which colours compliment which.

2. Lacking inspiration 

Making decisions about any element of your wedding requires deep thought and research, flowers especially so because they are such a focal point in a wedding. They feature in the bridal bouquet, table decorations and in the food. Researching and creating mood boards before you begin looking for wedding florists will help you and help the florist. Turning up to a florist without any ideas or visuals will slow the process, and wedding florists are often busy preparing bouquets for many couples, so having ideas prior to your visit is helpful. Consider textures, colours, shapes and any accessories you might want involved. Visit our Pinterest for some wedding flowers inspiration.

3. Overdoing your designs

It’s easy to get carried away with the idea of gorgeous flower arrangements and overdoing it is easily done. Your flower arrangements should complement the whole look of the wedding and be placed strategically in the venue. Pick a wedding florist that understands how flowers should look and which ones look best. Research is key here - check out florist galleries to see what they do. Avoid designs featuring too many elements, for example too many different types of flowers or too many colours. Consider the bouquet and table centrepiece accessories too, you don’t want them to be overcrowded with novelty items, such as butterflies, feathers or birds unless they visually make sense. These just some of the wedding flower mistakes. Let's dive in further.

4. Copying others

Professional designers do not reproduce other designs, they create original and unique designs for each customer. Designers will take inspiration from any wedding flower arrangements you show them but they will never copy a design. They’ll make it their own as it’s impossible to recreate a design in perfect detail. When showing your ideas to a wedding florist be open to new interpretations, it’ll make your wedding yours and yours only.

5. Ignoring seasonality

Flowers are subject to seasonal periods - some bloom in summer whilst others bloom in winter. Choosing the wrong flower for the season may increase the cost as flowers have to be imported. Avoid these wedding flower mistakes. Using seasonal or local flowers is the cheapest option to help you stick to your budget. Do your research to find out which flowers are in season. Here, we have it simple and compiled a short list of spring wedding flowers and a list of autumn wedding flowers. Follow these guides to avoid wedding flower mistakes.

6. Choosing flowers without your venue in mind

Some couples begin to plan their wedding and forget the layout and look of their chosen venue, this means the wedding flowers may not align with the location. When attending venue viewings consider the setting and the decor already in place to align your flowers arrangements with them. For example, a castle requires tall arrangements and a wedding hall with a high ceiling will look better with tall flower designs. Take into account the colours, textures and style of the interiors, and check how much daylight is visible through the venue.

7. Underestimating the budget

Wedding flowers can be expensive so they should be one of your top budget points. Make sure to enquire with your wedding florist about the average cost - each florist will be different. Then discuss whether your ideas require more or less of the average cost, this will help set aside money in your budget. Couples often make the mistake of skimping on their wedding flowers believing they can arrange them themselves without the aid of a professional. DIY wedding flowers may not look the part in your professional photographs so unless you’re experienced, it’s best to avoid. Click here for more information about how to budget for your wedding.

8. Failing to book in time

Some flower varieties need to be imported, so that requires them to be ordered months in advance. Give yourself enough time to book your wedding florist, ideally the final arrangements should be finalised 6 months before the big day. Wedding florists are always in high-demand so make sure to book way ahead of your wedding to avoid being disappointed - florists are especially busy during the height of the season.

9. Doing it yourself

One of the biggest wedding flower mistakes you can make is trying to attempt to plan and organise every element of your wedding yourself. Wedding planners and other wedding professionals exist for a reason - they want to make your wedding the best it can be. A florist can provide the flowers but also can offer styling advice on other wedding elements, such as your venue decorations and table design. These professionals are experts in their fields so be reassured they know what they’re talking about.

10. Forgetting to coordinate 

Every aspect of your wedding should be planned and come together to make the perfect day, however if you haven’t aligned everyone’s schedules and arranged times and dates, you may run into problems. The last thing you want on your wedding day is any delays. Speak to your venue coordinator to arrange for the florist, catering team and entertainment to arrive at the right time to prepare for the day.
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