Wedding Jewellery and Wedding Flowers

The start of a journey to a wedding begins in many ways. May it be an introduction through a friend, a work relationship that delves into more, or that friend of a friend who becomes more than a friend; that special person you meet in life who you start a magical journey with. Indeed, the choice of flowers at a wedding is the result of many small occurrences and decisions that lead up to an unforgettable day and lifelong partnership. Closer to the choice of flowers, and before fingers pour through bridal magazines for inspiration, the ring is chosen, of course. The symbol of devotion, commitment and of love.
Engagement Rings
Engagement rings, much like flowers, are almost infinitely customisable and infinitely express the tastes, likes and personality of the wearer. In our blog today we speak with Diamonds Hatton Garden about what to consider when choosing a diamond ring we draw from our expertise to effortlessly match your wedding flowers to your engagement and wedding rings.

“Much can be inferred from the personality of the bride-to-be by the engagement ring that she wears. Be it the choice of metal, the setting itself and, of course, the centre stone. For both our bespoke and ready-to-wear engagement rings we like to get to know the personality and interests of the client to make sure that the ring not only suits them but that they, of course, like it. As with your bouquets and arrangements, it is important that everything is perfect because, as we all know, the stakes are very high at weddings and we, like Blooming Haus, want to make each and every client’s special day as special as it can be.”
Your Skin Tone Matters
Using the wedding ring as the inspiration for combining flowers is a subtle and playful nod to ensuring that a theme runs through the wedding. This subtle and playful colour scheme allows for great variety and impactful centrepieces, brilliant bouquets and gorgeous decorations. Grouping metals by their colour we start with silver (white gold, platinum) flowers that would suit these rings would be in colder colours, such as blue, green, purple, violet, for example blue sweet peas, violet roses and green jasmine.

Rose gold (underrated in our opinion) lends itself well to warm flowers.

Ruffled and fragrant David Austin roses are a perfect match here!
Finally, the classic yellow gold (a bit more classic than the other options) can gracefully work with both warmer (analogous harmony) and colder colour scheme (complementary harmony).

Diamonds add another dimensions. Clear diamonds work with clean and crisp flowers such as diamond-shaped astrantias. Fancy coloured diamonds, the most revered and desirable, such as yellows, pinks and blues offer splashes of brilliance and brightness that can interplay with the setting.
Wedding jewellery and flowers simply go well together — they are a perfect gift for every receiver, give a deeper meaning to all luxurious designs and lift them altogether.

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