10 Wedding Cake Ideas with Flowers to Inspire Your Big Day

Do you want a wedding cake with flowers?

We've got you covered.

Whether you want real flowers, sugar flowers, or pressed flowers discover how you can tie these two elements of your big day together beautifully.

Champagne and caviar...Flowers and cake - some pairings are just meant to be!

We've selected some of our favourite works from our crazily talented network (some of which we've had the pleasure of working together personally) with the goal to inspire your initial considerations.

Ready to be stunned by the possibilities?

Your Wedding Cake With Flowers Inspiration...

1. Real Flowers Complementing Sugar Flowers

Krishanthi Armitt (Cakes By Krishanthi) is not only our friend but one of our all-time favourite luxury wedding cake makers, she is incredibly talented and professional - we're honoured to have her in our network.

It's no surprise to us that her business is recognised as one of the leading bespoke cake design studios in the world.

This collaboration between our team and Cakes By Krishanthi is one of our all-time favourites together at The Lanesborough, London.
Notice how her all-white sugar flowers are complemented by the real flowers at the centre of the table - providing the ultimate balance for an ultra-luxe look.

Gold, cream, and white hues provide a harmonious combo for a traditionally elegant event, yet with an edge.

And, the pale green foliage, together with the addition of fruit, provides a subtle natural and abundant finish to the overall look.

2. Bold and Beautiful Unconventional Options

Bold and beautiful can be daunting for some wedding couples...understandably, you don't want something to look out of place or odd.

When an experienced florist and a luxury-cake designer work hand in hand the results can look like this...
So if you love the colour - don't shy away from it because you feel pressured to embrace the more classical white look, embrace and make the best of it.

It can still look luxurious, and elegant!

Be vocal about your heart's desires to both your florist and cake designer.

Together, we can consider your chosen venue, decor, floral choices, colour palette, flavours, textures and so much more to ensure all elements are accounted for and perfectly balanced for the desired impact.

3. Emphasise Your Venue's Unique Details

On that's a perfect example of ours on how to use your cake and florals to emphasise your chosen venue's unique details.

The venue (most of the time) is the most expensive part of your wedding, it's important to make the most of it - it's the anchor for the entire day.

Notice how the gold beading of the wall panels at this luxury venue is echoed in this ultra-luxe cake design (Luxury Cakes Yevnig) and floral design (Blooming Haus)...
Couples are finally celebrating being able to say 'I do' after all the restrictions that were previously in place and they're doing so with magnificent style.

This stunning example is a grand centrepiece cake, consisting of five tiers and decorated with ornate detailing featuring edible 24-carat gold - a true masterpiece.

Atop the cake are a stunning sugar dahlia and ivory rose blooms with sprays of gold foliage.

Our fresh rose and gold flowers here complement the elegance and grandeur of the overall design.

This elegant aesthetic is further enhanced with the presence of petite cakes, truffles, and sweet delights that offer a contemporary edge to the traditional cake.

4. Fresh Flowers That Echo Your Wedding Installations

We love Anna Lewis's wedding cakes for the way she embraces the use of sugar flowers, wafer paper, rice paper, and fresh flowers!

Whether she focuses on one material option or combines choices, the end result is always unique and magical.

Take a look at this example...
Image: Anna Lewis - flowers not by Blooming Haus
The minimal flowing icing detail is complemented with a pop of colour from the real flowers at the top that manipulates your eyes, drawing them downwards.

By using fresh flowers Anna was able to tie in perfectly with the overarching design.

This type of cake can be a great way of saving money without compromising on the end result.

Sugar flowers take a ton of hours to craft, and natural flowers can be arranged by your florist and expertly attached to the cake an hour before the occasion.

Before the cake is cut the fresh flowers are easily removed.

5. Statement Flower

Dramatic wedding cakes are on the rise in 2023 - expect the unexpected!

You thought black wedding dresses were a game-changer? Try black wedding cakes.

In our experience, the best wedding florals and cakes have been those that thoughtfully illustrates the wedding couple's story.

For standout dramatic impact, we love this design from Cake Buds UK.
Image: Cake Buds UK - flowers not by Blooming Haus
The bold and vivid single bloom is a showstopping feature against the black textured cake design.

Loving this creative option?

Sugar or fresh flowers are equally stunning.

6. Minimalistic Or Boho Florals

You know what they say about less is more.

Well, it's often true.

And, minimalism is definitely a good look on this occasion.
Image: Anna Lewis - flowers not by Blooming Haus
This simple yet enchanting design by Anna Lewis features a sprig of dry flowers adorning a white textured cake.

And, it's a winner for weddings with understated elegance as well as boho celebrations.

If your style is more refined and sophisticated this simple yet effective approach is definitely something to consider.

7. Pressed Edible Flowers

This is another of our favourite Anna Lewis creations.

It's the perfect example of how wedding cakes can reflect a botanic or nature-centric wedding theme.

Anna presses the flowers herself so each cake is the result of her personal passion and attention to detail.
Image: Anna Lewis - flowers not by Blooming Haus

The flowers in this design are edible.

Sampling the taste sensations of flowers is huge right now.

So, choosing this type of cake design is an excellent way of embracing a current trend in a way that's personal to you and your partner.

We adore this design!

8. Semi-Nude Cake With Fresh Flowers

Not everyone loves a very thick layer of icing!

If that's you and your partner then consider this creative icing option.

Semi-nude wedding cakes are a fabulous choice!

This example of Edible Essence Cake Art combines traditional white icing with glimpses of what lies beneath.

We think it works beautifully with the feature wall too - every detail has been considered.
Image: Edible Essence - flowers not by Blooming Haus
In this case, the look is embellished with a cascade of fresh flowers.

Having the blooms flow down the cake in this way draws the eye all the way down to the romantic flower and candle table landscape.

The whole installation perfectly captures the romance of the occasion.

9. The Romance of Roses

Continuing with the essence of romance, roses and wedding cakes are a match made in heaven.

This Elizabeth Cake Emporium creation featuring sugar roses is just GORGEOUS.
Image: Elizabeth Cake Emporium - flowers not by Blooming Haus
You can choose to mimic this multitude of roses vibe.

Or, use it as inspiration for your own rose-themed dream wedding cake.

10. English Country Garden Inspired

We're rounding out this blog with another favourite from Cakes By Krishanthi.

It's such a pleasure to work with a fellow dedicated creative.

This is something we feel about all the top creators of wedding cakes we collaborate with.

In Krisanthi's case, we're admirers of the sheer beauty of every detail in her cake creations.

She's hailed for creating some of the most realistic sugar flowers, sometimes we have to look twice and that's saying something.

This English Country Garden design is simply exquisite.
It captures the natural romance of the flowers that grace our countryside.

And it's a great way of incorporating the joy of nature into your wedding celebrations.

This is a joy that grew in many of us during the lockdown and still touches our souls now that the world has opened up again.

What better way to celebrate with those closest to you than to bring more nature to your big day.

Ready to Plan the Design of Your Wedding Cake With Flowers

Love the trend of wedding cakes with flowers?

That's excellent news.

Our team love helping to take wedding cakes to the next level.

And. we're passionate about ensuring attention is paid to every detail.

Every aspect of our luxury floristry is designed to complement table landscapes, and installations as well as the wedding cakes that take centre stage.
If you wish, we'll collaborate with your cake designer to incorporate fresh flowers into the design of your wedding cake and your overall installation.

The relationships we build with our fellow creatives enable us to work together to deliver unique and spectacular results.

Whether you've been inspired by our list of ideas, or have your own dream wedding cake with flowers, we'll work with the top cake designer you choose to bring your floral-enhanced wedding cake to life.
And, we'll put our floral engineering skills to use designing your wedding floristry for your big day, everything from bridal bouquets to table landscapes and installations for your ceremony and reception venues.

We'll work with you to make sure the results reflect your dreams.

And, we're able to recommend top wedding suppliers in London to complete the luxury look for your big day, if you'd like us to.

Take a look at our journal entry for more information.

"10 Best Wedding Suppliers in London | Get The Luxe Look (2023)"

Plus, we'll be there on the day to make sure that your wedding floristry goes to plan.
Want us to work on your wedding floristry?

We'd be honoured to be part of your wedding story.


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