15 Wedding Flower Tips Every Couple Should Know (2023)

Your ultimate round-up of top wedding flower tips is here!

As a luxury weddings and events florist based in London, we've gathered our international acclaim creating standout florals for high profile occasions and respected brands such as Burberry, Bulgari, Diptyque, Rolls Royce, Chanel, Tiffany, Apple, Vogue, Tatler, Bulgari Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Pan Pacific Hotels and more.

To help you bring your wedding to life, have an enjoyable planning process, and make every penny pack a punch when it comes to your floral arrangements, we've picked the brains of our creators at Blooming Haus to bring you the tips you need to know!

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Wedding Flower Tips Every Wedding Couple Should Know

1. Make Your Flowers a Priority

The first of our wedding flower tips is that planning your wedding flowers should be a priority.

As soon as you have dates and a venue, start looking for a florist to plan your floral landscape.

This includes everything from bouquets and boutonnieres to table centrepieces and installations.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Starting your flower planning early means your florist is involved with setting the theme and colour palette for your celebrations.

This ensures that your floristry is a good fit with the rest of your aesthetics.

Another good reason for starting your wedding flower planning early is to make sure you get your first-choice florist.

In 2022, don't be surprise if the florist you've got your heart set on is booked for the next 2+ years.

Due to the backlog of weddings from 2020 onwards there's bottlenecks aplenty.

As London-based professional florists, we know how busy our diary is so we'd always recommend that couples contact us as soon as their engaged.


2. Do a Little Research to Inspire Your Vision

Whether you have a vision for your wedding or an open-mind at this stage having a look online (places like Pinterest etc) will help you and your partner get clear on what you do and do not like.

We're not saying you need to be a flower expert but a little advanced research before you work with a florist is a big help to springboard into ideas.

This can be as basic as what colours you're thinking, textures etc.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
We love introducing our clients to new flowers and varieties they may not have heard of or considered before.

Our creators scour every conceivable resource to conjure up the sort of alchemy the creates one-of-a-kind meaningful celebrations every time.

3. Study Every Aspect of a Floral Designer

It can be tempting to just Google a local florist and choose one that looks pretty good.

But the next one of our wedding flower tips is to dig a little deeper than that.

After all, your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion!

As well as checking out a florist's social media sites, blog, previous projects, clients, press, sustainability commitments and independent reviews consider:

*"Are they design-driven?" or do they just start bundling flowers together and see where it takes them?.

"How involved and considerate are they of other key elements such as lighting"? These things may sound trivial to some, put things such as lighting have a major effect on how your wedding flowers will look in an evening.

This allows you to see if their experience and skills are a good fit for the services you need.

Flowers by Blooming Haus
Beyond the design and the florals, the team putting it all together is equally as important!

Though the chances of something going wrong on your special day can, and should be, minimised, it’s impossible to rule it out altogether.

In this case, the make or break of the perfect wedding comes down to your team putting it all together and how equipped or creative they can be in finding solutions that work.

It’s always nice to have faith and know that your team is ready for anything. 

4. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

The more questions you ask, the more likely you are to find a florist you can have a positive relationship with so this is one of our top wedding flower tips.

Don't be shy about querying things such as what services are included and whether the services are sustainable.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
We love couples who ask us plenty of questions.

It helps us to get off on the right foot from the start.

To get started, you can take a look at our website FAQ section.

And, we'd love to talk to you about any questions you have.

Just give us a call on 020 3389 9609

5. Have a Free Consultation with Your Chosen Floral Designers

The next of our wedding flower tips is that you request a free consultation before you make any firm commitments.

Shop around!

This helps you to discover if you and the florist are on the same page.

Speaking from a floristry professional's point of view, this is also a valuable opportunity to help us understand if it's a good fit.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
That's why we provide a free no-obligation consultation.

This gives you the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your wedding flower arrangements, and you can ask those all-important questions.

6. Communicate with the Professionals

This is one of the wedding flower tips that are most vital to ensuring your floral designs are everything you've been dreaming of.

Right from the start, you need to be open with your florist so we can get to know and do your love story justice.

This includes:

- Any specific meaningful elements you want to include such as a nod to your cultures, how you met, and what matters to you.
- Wedding information such as the date of the celebrations, the venue, and the number of guests etc
- Your suppliers (or if you are looking for something in particular we can connect you with our network of talented professionals)
Flowers by Blooming Haus
We'd love to hear anything from you that you think would help to create arrangements personal to you.

There’s never a set formula at Blooming Haus.

Every bride, groom, venue, and occasion is different, so our approach is tailored to each wedding couple.

The theme of florals across different settings often balances our artistic vision and the wedding couple's desires.

Everything from lighting to table decor, textures, and other elements is poised to have the desired impact. 

7. If You Have a Vision, Share It

Don't be afraid of sharing your vision no matter how you think it might sound or whether you're fully set on if it's a good idea.

We delight in providing you with our artistic direction and together we'll make excellent decision and create something really special, inspiring and unexpected.
Flowers by Blooming Haus

We often find the best results are when the couple feel like they are a part of the process - we ensure it's enjoyable and never overbearing but it always feels amazing when you see finished results knowing you had your say in how it turned out.

8. Understand the Importance of Your Venue in Your Floral Choices

One of the wedding flower tips we urge any bride to pay attention to is "always consider your venue".

If you do this, you ensure that your flowers are a good fit for your surroundings.

And the features of your venue can be used to create unique floral statements.

Like this free-form wedding arch that we designed to highlight the stunning church architecture.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
When considering florals for a venue don't feel the need to fill every alcove, ledge, and shelf with flowers.

The most memorable floral landscapes involve the use of creative floristry to enhance the space rather than overpower it.

For example, a statement piece often has much more of an impact than thinly spread decorations.

We recognise how integral a venue is to wedding floral artistry.

That's why we meet couples at their venue right at the start of the designing process.

9. Think About Your Dress When You're Choosing Wedding Flowers

Your wedding bouquet should always enhance your dress and should never overshadow it.

That's why thinking about your dress when choosing your flowers is on our list of wedding flower tips.

As an example of this, see how combining large blooms with smaller flowers and foliage enhances the appearance of a romantic ballgown.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
In contrast, dainty posies are the perfect accompaniment to more playful dress styles such as tea dresses and minis.

For more advice about the best bouquet style to complement your dress, spend some time reading our journal entry.

"Best Bouquet Shape and Style for Your Wedding Dress Silhouette"

10. Consider Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding day is obviously about you and your partner.

But, you want your guests to enjoy the occasion too.

And the next one of our wedding flower tips is about them.

When you're planning flowers for your big day, you'll want your table landscapes to look beautiful.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
But, be careful that your floral decor doesn't get in the way.

Make sure that your centrepieces are not too tall so that your guests can talk to each other and socialise.

They'll have a far better time doing this than struggling to communicate with other people at the table because a huge floral display is blocking the view.

11. Use the Meaning of Flowers to Make Your Choices More Personal

Did you know that flowers have meanings and symbolism attached to them?

We love this about them because it means floristry choices can be more personal.

If you look at what flowers mean, you can add special significance to the floral decor for your wedding day.

We'll use roses as an example because they're popular wedding flowers and they look spectacular.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Different colours of roses have different meanings.

Red roses symbolise romance, love, and beauty.

Yellow roses stand for friendship and joy.

Pink roses are associated with appreciation, grace, gentleness, and happiness.

You can start to see how learning the meaning of flowers helps to make your wedding day more personal to you.

You can start by having a look at our journal post.

"Flower Symbolism: What does your wedding bouquet mean?"

12. Be Aware of How Flowers Fit With Your Wedding Budget

As a general rule, you should expect to spend around 10% of your wedding budget on flowers.

That's a significant investment, so you want to make sure the results reflect this.

After all, your flowers are a major feature of your wedding day, and they'll be in most of the memories captured in images.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
From the start of the design process, we'll discuss your wedding flowers budget with you and how to optimise it.

And, we'll clearly show you the exquisite results and attention to detail you'll get for your investment.

13. Be Prepared to Be Flexible

This is one of our favourite wedding flower tips because sometimes something you have your heart set on may not be possible because of the venue etc, but we'll always do our best to make it work by providing you with the best (possibly better) alternative.

We always aim to include clients' flower choices in our designs, but we appreciate flexibility if this isn't possible.
Flowers by Blooming Haus

As an example, sometimes a bloom you want may be out of season and out of budget, however our extensive flower knowledge and resources means we can open you up to a whole host of stunning possibilities.

14. Use Visuals to Convey Your Ideas

One of the most useful wedding flower tips when it comes to communicating with your florist is "use visuals."

We love when brides give us photographs of their dresses, fabric swatches for the wedding parties' outfits, or even copies of their invitations.
Seeing these items makes it a lot easier for us to visualise the theme and colour palette for the wedding.

This helps us to ensure our designs complement all other aspects of the celebration.

15. Make Sure the Logistics are Taken Care Of

When you look at the glorious beauty of wedding flowers, it's easy to forget the practicalities of making sure they're perfect.

That's why the last of our wedding flower tips involves logistics.

This is all about making sure that your floral landscape looks pristine and is erected and removed on time
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Strict attention to detail and a lot of essential tasks are required to make sure all of this happens.

This is part of our design process that we're extremely proud of.

We're with you every step of the way, and we ensure that floristry logistics are taken care of so you can be sure of a breathtaking display on your wedding day.

16. Ready to Plan Flowers for Your Wedding?

Ready to put our wedding flower tips to use and start planning your wedding flowers?

That's brilliant news.

We're here to help bring your floral wedding landscape to life.
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Every aspect of our service is personalised to you.

We'll meet you at your venue and draw sketches in situ.

Then we'll create final designs to be agreed upon by you before we start creating.

At the end of our process, we'll be there on your big day to make sure everything is perfect.

We have a holistic approach to our luxury wedding flower design services.

This means that we consider the overall look and theme of your wedding throughout each part of the process.

And, no detail is too small to get our full attention.

If you'd like us to, we can also recommend wedding suppliers who will help you complete the luxe look for your celebrations.

Take a look at our journal entry for more details.

"10 Best Wedding Suppliers in London | Get The Luxe Look (2021"
Flowers by Blooming Haus
Call us on 020 3389 9609 to start planning the design of your wedding flowers.

Or, send an email to

We're excited to be part of your wedding story.


Have comments or questions about our wedding flower tips?

Do you have a question about wedding flowers? We'd love to hear from you.

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