Summer Wedding Flowers: 10 Most Stylish Trends in 2023

Summer wedding flowers are upon us!

2023 has witnessed the rise of off-the-cuff, statement, and down-right stunning wedding trends.

Post-pandemic, it's all about breaking the mould and creating anew.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the luxury weddings industry we'll dive into everything from summer bouquets to tablescapes.

Summer is the most popular season for weddings here in the UK - discover how you can make YOUR event stand out from the crowd...

10 Stunning Ideas for Your Summer Wedding Flowers

1. Sunshine Yellow Blooms

If there was ever a year for colourful weddings. - THIS is it.

We expect it's a trend that's set to say as our lust for life continues to burst onto the scene post-pandemic.

One of the hottest choices is sunshine yellow!

...Let's face it, you can't not be happy when holding a yellow bouquet.

Choosing a wedding florist that is an expert in colour psychology can help you create the ambience you and your guests want to revel in on your special day.

For the less daring bride, pastel shades offer a similar yet more elegant and muted option.
Think Sunflowers, Iris, or allium for a playful touch.

When you choose Blooming Haus to create your wedding flowers, our expert team can advise you on the best seasonal blooms to include that work well with your chosen colour palette.

In 2023, we are loving the opportunity to play with more colour!

2. Larger Installations

In 2023, go BIG or go home is the mentality we're witnessing with a lot of our wedding couples - and we're here for it!

A spectacular flower arch or show-stopping bannister garland will pack much more of a punch, both on your photos and in the flesh, than smaller, thinly spread decorations.

Memorable entrances and flower arches have always been the obvious choice, yet if you're wanting to think outside the box, let us examine your venue so we can help you accent the space in ways you might not have already considered.
Grounded arrangements like the ones we created in the photo above are a great way to do this in outdoor venues as they help to anchor the space!

3. Scintillating Tablescapes

This summer you want your tablescapes to look like they're twinkling with LOVE.

Don't let the magic of the ceremony fade away the minute guests take their seat at the reception - this is where the real fun begins, and the tablescape should echo that.

For the best results, we work closely alongside incredible planners, stylists, decor vendors and more to create harmonious tables that work!

Whether you want a busy or more refined table, scintillating is the KEY word on our lips this summer.
They are the kind of tablescape no one ever forgets.

Every detail is a talking point, and there is always something new to be discovered and admired.

For more intimate occasions scintillating tablescapes work brilliantly!

If you're planning a large wedding with lots of tables, avoid getting lost in all the noise and keep all eyes on you by focusing your tablescape design on the bride and groom seating area, this should be your focal point to which the rest of your seating ties in.

Choose a variety of colours, shapes, and textures but remember to stay focussed on your theme and make sure your choices complement each other.

It can feel overwhelming without professional guidance - fear not we're here to help!

The results will be worth it.

4. Eco-Conscious Planning & Choices

Wedding flowers just hit different when you know the choices you made were infused with integrity and responsibility.

We're firm believers that nature gives us what we need and desire all in divine timing.

Summer weddings look the best when you use summer blooms! They were MADE for this season.

Winter flowers just don't look as nice when used in Summer. It really is as simple as that.

It's important to listen and work with the seasons.

Trust us, mother nature knows best.

To brush up on what blooms are in season in summer see our blog:

"Summer Weddings: What Flowers Are In Season?"

At Blooming Haus, building a sustainable business is something incredibly important to us.

Beyond flowers, we're continually weaving better processes into the fabric of our business which you can learn more about here.

We'll ensure you minimise waste, save money, and make beautiful choices that have a minimal impact on the environment.

If planning an eco-conscious wedding is something important to you in 2023 and beyond we can also recommend incredible wedding planners and other vendors with the same ethos, so you can have the stunning occasion you've always dreamed of with a clear conscience.

Among all of the eco-friendly processes at Blooming Haus, one of our client's favourites is how we dedicate a tree to be planted after every wedding.

5. Contrasting Colours

Circling back to bright and bold colours, another trend to watch is contrasting colours!

Some wedding couples can be hesitant to include colour because they are worried it might take away from the elegance of the occasion.

This definitely doesn't have to be the case.

If you've got a colourful personality and you LOVE colour it should be a part of your day - a great wedding florist can design the look and feel you desire.

A colour contrast we are loving this summer? PINK and RED - like the florals we designed above.

Super on-trend without compromising on an ounce of elegance.

6. Solo Statement Flowers

The key to a good marriage (some might say) is consistency.

Sticking with a solo flower is not to be underrated, it creates a huge impact.
Similarly sticking with the same colour theme in the chosen flower allows you to double down on the impact you are able to create with your wedding flowers.

It's simple, elegant, and with the right artistic vision - definitely not boring!

White is the most popular colour choice however we think a pop of your favourite colour could work wonders too.

For florals think clouds of gyp or more traditional and timeless flowers such as roses.

7. Incorporating Herbs

History DOES repeat itself.

Sometimes good things from the past do deserve another time to shine in the present.

For a while now most brides had started to move away from the age-old tradition passed down from Greece of including herbs in their bouquets.

The chosen herbs were said to lend their virtues and strengths to the bride.

At Blooming Haus, we're bringing it back - of course, in our own way and with the type of verve our clients have come to expect from us.

Our favourite this summer? MINT!
And rather than limiting its usage to bouquets where only the bride can enjoy its benefits, consider using it in your table centrepieces too!

Lately, it's in all our arrangements. We can't get enough to it.

Not only does it smell great's it's a very calming herb that helps to alleviate stress.

8. Structural Elements

If you want to give your wedding the edge, adding structural elements is a great way to do it and something, at Blooming Haus, we revel in it!

What do we mean by structural elements?

Think organic materials and artfully employing lines!

See examples below...

These designs often work well in indoor venues as a way of bringing more of the outside in.

If you're an artistic couple you want your wedding flowers to reflect that.

Structural floristry can be as minimal and lavish as you desire and is a surefire way to create a dramatic impact on the day.

Our Master Florist Michal's background in studying art will ensure your installations are nothing short of spectacular.

It's all about opening your mind to different ideas that veer away from the traditional while retaining the elegantly ethereal mien.

9. Cloud Textures

Want a dreamy event or a heavenly atmosphere?

Let's talk textures.

During the summer months, a lot of florists tend to avoid too much texture saving it for the more obvious choice of Autumn.

We think this presents lots of great missed opportunities.

Textures in summer can work wonderfully.

We love soft, transportative, and comforting textures the most in summer.
A great wedding florist can help you consider things like your venue, colour scheme and more.

Our favourite choices are soft dried flowers, and baby's breath!

They help to create an ethereal and romantic aura.

10. Enveloping Lines

This summer go BIG and bulbous!

In 2023, keep your edges soft and avoid harsh lines or right angles if you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Perhaps because we all crave this feeling of comfort, like a warm hug from a trusted friend? ⁠⁠
This summer shapes continue to be curvilinear, but bolder and bigger than ever too.

Statement arches using hydrangeas or oversized and busy bouquets filled with fluffy peonies and fauna are a great way to embody the true spirit of summer.

An enveloping approach creates the perfect setting to celebrate your marriage with your nearest and dearest.

Embrace Summer Flower Trends for Your Big Day

Feeling inspired by this list of trends in summer wedding flowers?

That's excellent news.

We're excited to help you incorporate them into your wedding floristry plans.

As luxury florists in London, we love bringing our unique artistry and passion to couples' wedding stories.

We'll combine any trends you want to embrace with your ideas and our innovative floristry to provide the exquisite results you're dreaming of.
Ask us to be part of your wedding story and we'll provide a personalised luxury wedding floristry service for you.

Our process is:

- Meet you in situ at your venue and draw our initial sketches.
- Create more in-depth designs from our sketches.
- Agree on the designs with you.
- Create finished florals.
- Finish your wedding flower landscape on the day and make sure everything goes to plan.

We're with you every step of the way and we'll ensure your summer wedding flowers are everything you're dreaming of.
We also have connections with top London wedding suppliers.

So, we can connect you with them if that's something you would like us to do.

Take a look at our journal entry for more information about this.

"10 Best Wedding Suppliers in London | Get The Luxe Look (2023)"
Call us on 020 3389 9609 to talk about flowers for your wedding.

Or, send an email to

We look forward to creating unique florals for your big day.

And, we're excited to bring our attention to detail to every aspect of the design of your flowers.


Have questions or comments about summer wedding flowers?

We'd love to see what you have to say.

Just pop something in the comments and we'll take a look as soon as possible.

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