Top 20 Stylish Wedding Flower Trends in 2021/2022

Looking for wedding flower trends for 2021 in the UK?
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You’ll see the wedding flower colour combinationstop wedding floral designs, and sustainable wedding flower choices that are big news this year. 

As respected luxury master florists in LondonBlooming Haus love helping couples find the perfect wedding flowers for them. 

We’ve put our passion and expertise to use creating this journal entry to introduce you to what’s hot in wedding flowers in the UK for 2021
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1. Biggest Trends in Wedding Flowers for 2021

Restrictions have made things difficult for couples planning their wedding recently. 
Soon, there’s going to be more freedom to create your dream wedding
That includes stunning wedding flowers from bridal bouquets, to statement tablescapes and naturally beautiful aisle decorations
Looking for inspiration? 
“Cake Royal” by Blooming Haus
We’ll show you 20 wedding flower trends in the UK to get you started…

What flowers are trending in 2021?

Flowers like peonies, roses, dahlia, and carnations are perennial favourites for wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. 
You can embrace traditional choices and we’ll help you add a personal and fresh touch to your wedding florals. 
For something totally current and fun, go for playful blooms like sweet pea or hellebore

What is the flower colour for 2021?

Colours for wedding floral designs are always going to be down to personal choice. But, you can take inspiration from what’s hot right nowEarth tones are still on-trend for 2021, but there’s been a move towards terra cotta, rusty orange, and honey yellows. Sound like the right choice for you, or are you thinking of a different colour scheme? No problem… We’re here to listen to your wedding flower ideas and make them a reality. Just give us a call on 0203 389 9609. In the meantime, we know that flower choices are an intrinsic part of your special day. So, we’re sharing our list of wedding flower trends with you to spark your imagination
Let’s go…

2. Creative Colour Palettes

The last few months haven’t been much fun for anyone. 
So, why not unleash your playful and creative side with a creative colour palette for your wedding flowers… 
It’s exciting to create your own colour story. 
By Blooming Haus
You can put your personal style into your wedding celebrations with family and friends as we all get the opportunity to gather together again.

3. A Playful Spirit in Bloom

What’s not to love about the playfulness of the sweet pea? They make you smile just looking at them… Blooms like hellebore and heuchera are also much in demand right now.
These fresh and fun flowers are perfect for weddings where enjoying life is at the centre of the day. The ideal theme when embracing the light at the end of what has been a pretty long tunnel.

4. Texture and Colour Combined

Looking for an unusual edge to your wedding flowers? Why not embrace textures… They’re big news right now. You can choose bridal bouquets with a mix of fresh and dried flowers.
Minimal Arrangement by Blooming Haus
Extras like wood or stone also add a unique energy to your floral wedding decorations.

5. Romantic Pastels

Like the idea of romantic pastel colours for your wedding? No worries… Pastel shades are as popular as ever for wedding flowers in 2021. This is partly due to the influence of a Royal Wedding.  
By Blooming Haus
Princess Beatrice chose peach and pink flowers for her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in 2020. Want to know the best flowers for pastel coloured floral designs? Roses are a goto choice and we personally love peonies too. Their full and bounteous blooms are perfect in pinks, azure, and mint

6. Diminutive Delightful Bouquets

Wondering what size of wedding bouquet you should have? You may be surprised to hear that bigger isn’t necessarily betterDainty bouquets are trending right now and they look amazing as you can see… Petite bouquets have a refined and effortless vibe. They also embody what we’re feeling right now as the weights we’ve been carrying for a long time are gradually starting to lift.
by Blooming Haus
well-thought-out diminutive bouquet has an understated elegance while capturing your free spirit
You can put love and togetherness at the centre of your celebrations rather than opting for extravagant decor. 
For an extra touch of style, complement your bouquet with a natural wedding hairstyle with flowers
Take a look at our journal entry for some fresh ideas for 2021. 
30 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers | A Florist’s Guide

7. Elegant Cascading Flowers

Heard all the buzz around “The Crown.” It’s one of the must-see shows right now. As floral creatives, we’re excited to see it influencing wedding flower choices with the return of the cascading bouquet… This romantic and beautiful bouquet choice was huge in the 80s when Princess Diana chose it for her wedding to Prince Charles.
By Blooming Haus
Now, “The Crown” has sparked interest in all things Royal including the Diana and Charles romance and wedding. Welcome back the cascading beauty of flowers like orchids, clematis, and jasmine

8. Stylish Monochrome

Looking for a subtle colour scheme for your wedding flowers? Monochrome is a great way to go. Just look at what you can do with shades of a single colour and a pop of contrast
By Blooming Haus on our online flower shop
We love the simplicity of monochrome. And you still get to be super creative with flower types, shapes and textures.

9. Colourful Floors and Walls

You’ve probably seen a myriad of floral installations hanging from ceilings or on tabletops. This year, couples are being creative with all available space, including floors and walls. Look at what you can achieve…
Editorial shoot featuring Blooming Haus florals
Remember that these designs are about making a statement. We’re happy to help if you want to know how to avoid fussy and achieve style.

10. Nature Focussed Aisles

Most of us have ignited a love of nature recently. Long walks and Instagram wildlife images have become hugely popular. You can bring nature into your wedding with the current trend for aisle meadows
Blooming Haus
They envelop you and your guests in the colours and aromas of the natural world. You also get unique and stunning images to share across social media and celebrate your love with the world.

11. Meaningful Aromas

Wedding flowers are not only about colour. You can also be surrounded by incredible scents. Like one of our favourite aromas from Lily of the Valley… Here’s a tip… Choose aromas that mean something to you, like a favourite flower from childhood. At Blooming Haus, both Michel and Michael know how special this is as their floral passions were sparked by their grandmother’s gardens when they were young. Choosing in this way gives a personal touch to your big day.
For an additional symbolic touch check out what different flowers mean in our journal post. Flower Symbolism: What does your wedding bouquet mean?

12. Statement Touches

Love bold and bright colours? We have good news. Making a statement with your wedding flowers is trending for 2021. Go all out with vibrant reds, purples, and yellows
Or, opt for a neutral palette and add a pop of bold shades like fiery orange, marigold, or intense blue

13. Atmospheric Arches

An arch creates a stunning floral focal point for your wedding. You can go all out romantic with rose centric pastel creations…
Another take on the arch that’s hot right now is a hanging installation that hovers over the heads of the wedding couple. We’d also like to give a shout out to illusion arches which are pillars of flowers that curve to almost touch at the top. 

14. Seasonal Floral Creations

Supporting the local community is something that we’ve always been passionate about. We source most of our flowers locally. It’s an ethos that’s on trend right now as businesses struggle.
So, couples are choosing seasonal flowers that can be found in the local area. We love using flowers that are in season with local providers. Check out our journal entries… Your Ultimate Guide To Spring Flowers In The UK (2021) And… Autumn Weddings: What Flowers Are In Season?
What are popular summer wedding flowers for 2021?
There are so many amazing summer flowers in the UK. We love lilac, peonies, sweet peas, freesia and dahlias. We’d love to hear what your favourite flowers are for a summer wedding. Pop a note in the comments and let us know.

15. Eco-Friendly Choices

Protecting the planet is a priority. At the recent G7 conference, leaders committed to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 and slash emissions. Everyone has part to play. Wedding couples are embracing this and making eco-friendly choices. This includes using the same wedding floral arrangements at the ceremony and then at the reception. It also includes opting for sustainable floristry.
We have a passion for sustainability that surrounds everything we do. 

This includes:
• Using green energy in our studio
• Composting organic waste
• Reusing, repurposing or up cycling all delivery materials.
• Using recyclable materials.

We’ll bring our sustainable practices to your wedding planning by providing expert eco-friendly floral design services

16. Designer Tablescapes

More than ever, the focus of weddings is gathering together around a stunning table and enjoying good company and great food. This applies no matter how many guests are present. Guests have also had to remain seated for longer during the restrictions although this may change soon. This has brought table landscaping into the spotlight. There’s an emphasis on original and creative design
This can include fruit, wooden sculptures, and even books and candles. Here’s a quick heads up… Think carefully about the height of your table centrepieces so that guests can easily communicate with each other. 

17. Rustic and Natural

Nature and the environment have been centre stage in the news in recent months. We all saw the positive changes that came with lockdown. This has led to a trend for flowers that have a more organic look and feel
This includes the use of simple and natural styling as well as earth tones in flower colours. For an extra rustic touch, wood and stone can also feature. 

18. Fusion Styling

Caught between a boho heart and a love of modern styling? No problem… Fusion is huge this year. You can contrast glamorous features with natural foliage and wildflowers. There are no rules here. 
It’s good to be different and unleash your creative streak

19. Living Plant Gifts

This is one of our favourite wedding trends for 2021. You can use a variety of plants in your wedding decor.  Then give them as gifts to guests. This works especially well at intimate weddings where it adds a unique touch to the occasion. Psst… You’re not only giving the gift of colour
Plants help to purify the air too, so your gift is great for the health of your guests. Take a look at our journal entry for the best air-cleaning plants to choose. NASA Study Reveals Best Air-Cleaning Plants For Your Home

20. Wedding Couple Creativity

Have your own ideas about wedding flowers? That’s great news. Creative thinking by wedding couples is huge for 2021. Many couples are ditching the Pinterest route and trusting their own instincts. Concerned about bringing your ideas to life?
Don’t be…
We’ll help you finesse your thoughts and create spectacular floral designs that reflect your personality.

How much do wedding flowers cost in 2021?

A general rule of thumb is to spend around 10% of your wedding budget on flowers. We’ll work with you and your budget to make sure that your wedding day flowers are innovative and imaginative. We’ll meet with you to conceptualise your floral arrangements in situ from start to finish. Then we’ll bring your blooms to life from our detailed drawings. We only do one wedding per day so you’re guaranteed our full attention. 

Call us on 0203 389 9609.

Or email us at  Contact@Bloominghaus.Com

We look forward to sharing your joy and helping to make your big day unique.
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