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Vogue World | A Blooming Extravaganza with Over 20,000 Red Roses

Back in September 2023, Bureau Betak Paris and Blooming Haus launched London Fashion Week!

The second annual Vogue World kicked off the celebrations - and OF COURSE, it's not fashion week without flowers!

We delivered a BLOOMING spectacle, artfully employing over 20,000 red roses.

It's time to spill the tea on all things Vogue World 2023 and the afterparty!

Discover how we transformed Theatre Royal Drury Lane and George's Mayfair for some of the year's biggest fashion events in the UK.

Vogue World Florals by Blooming Haus

1. Red Roses Dominate Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Upon receiving the invitation to curate the essence of the upcoming event, our contemplation on the floral selection became a meticulous journey through inspiration.

Extensive deliberation and careful planning ultimately led us to embrace the timeless allure of classic red roses. In the realm of thought and design, we found ourselves entranced by the poetic resonance and enduring elegance that these crimson blooms would bring to Vogue World.

Scroll left on the slideshow below to see BTS of us setting up.
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The choice of red roses wasn't arbitrary—it was an intentional embrace of the romantic and bold, a declaration that this gathering was a celebration of the arts. Theatre Royal's facade, completely adorned with these scarlet blooms, became its own stage, symbolizing the passion and fervour coursing through the veins of the performers, celebrities, and the audience.

Each velvety petal seemed to echo the passion and intensity due to unfold on the stage, as if the flowers themselves were participants in the grand theatrics of the night.
Inside Vogue World
Inside Vogue World
Inside Vogue World
The florals continued branching inside, gracefully positioned beside the majestic staircase, where attendees ascended to claim their seats for the captivating show.

Adorned in British designer Erdem's creations, the flower girls and boys distributed our single red roses, seamlessly blending tradition and modern elegance.

The roses were presented from our vintage-inspired wooden flower cart, paying homage to the historic carts that once graced Covent Garden.

As the grand finale unfolded and the original supermodels made their entrance, a magical moment ensued.

The audience was warmly encouraged to partake in the spectacle by tossing their roses onto the stage, creating a cascade of floral beauty that added a touch of whimsy to the extraordinary evening.
What Happens to the Flowers When The Event is Over?
Click the video to watch or learn more about our long-term partnership with Confetti Club here:

1. Vogue World | What Happens to The Flowers Once The Event is Over?

2. Vogue World Afterparty 2023 at George's Mayfair

The post-event celebration unfurled like a serene canvas, where the harmonious interplay of white and green hues adorned the space. Delicate sprays of baby's breath, pristine white roses, viburnum, and garden hydrangeas composed an exquisite tableau.

Within this enchanting ambience, our Blooming installation garnered the presence of esteemed guests, among whom were the gracious Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the radiant Claire Foy, the captivating Simone Ashley, and the iconic Leonardo DiCaprio.

For further glimpses into this star-studded affair, delve into the exclusive Vogue World afterparty here.

3. Bureau Betak X Blooming Haus for The Opening Event

Bureau Betak and Blooming Haus were tasked with helping Vogue World kick off this year's London Fashion Week celebrations at the iconic Theatre Royal Drury Lane on September 14th.
What is Vogue World?
Vogue World is a theatrical extravaganza that goes beyond the traditional runway show to truly celebrate the UK's rich cultural and fashion scene.

Hosted in London's iconic West End, the one-of-a-kind show will feature performances from leading lights in opera, theatre and film, as well as classical and pop music - representing the huge influences that shape fashion today. The grand finale? Highlights from the autumn/winter collections, of course!

The 2023 Vogue World London event was masterminded by an international Vogue team headed up by Anna Wintour and Edward Enninful - the fashion moguls have enlisted the BAFTA- and Olivier-winning director Stephen Daldry (of The Crown and Billy Elliot fame) to creatively oversee the theatrical celebration, ensuring it will be an evening to remember!
Were there celebrities?
Supermodels Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Adwoa Aboah, Ashley Graham and Paloma Elsesser joined the likes of Sophie Okonedo, StormzySienna Miller and Ian McKellen on stage on the night!

In attendance, stars included Damien Lewis, James McAvoy, the inimitable FKA twigs and so many more.
Can you buy tickets for Vogue World?
Yes, you can buy tickets to Vogue World every year, but you must get them quickly before they go.

We hope to see you there next year!

All net ticket proceeds from the event will benefit a wide range of performing arts organisations in the capital, from the National Theatre and Royal Opera House to the Royal Ballet, Southbank Sinfonia, and the Rambert Dance Company.

After the pandemic, “The arts are under threat in the UK and Vogue World will be a timely reminder of how important they are, how vital a part of our lives, and how much they need our support,” Anna Wintour said of the decision.

4. What Does Bureau Betak Do?

Bureau Betak is an event-planning company that produces the world's most noteworthy occasions.

With offices in Paris, New York, and Shanghai, the company has garnered a reputation as the most sought-after luxury event planner, producing multi-sensory events and experiences for luxury clients such as Dior, Hussein Chalayan, Rodarte, Jason Wu, Viktor & Rolf, Michael Kors, and Berluti among many others.
We were elated to be working alongside them for the Vogue World event at London Fashion Week 2023.

Watch this space!

5. What Does Blooming Haus Do?

Blooming Haus produces standout floral designs for luxury venues, events, shows, exhibitions, and international brands such as Chanel, Burberry, Bulgari, Vogue, Oscar de La Renta and many more.

Steadfast on consistently breaking the mould, Blooming Haus creators are never content with the status quo, scouring every conceivable resource to conjure up the sort of alchemy that creates unique, one-of-a-kind installations every time.
Vogue Baftas Afterparty 2022 &Amp; 2023
Vogue Fashion And Film6
Vogue Fashion And Film5
Vogue Fashion And Film7
Vogue Fashion And Film2
Vogue Fashion And Film3
Vogue Fashion And Film4
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Our culture of artistic innovation and our ethical, environmental, and social commitments have earned us a reputation as London's leading florist and a key player in changing the events and hospitality industry standards.

6. What Are The London Fashion Week Dates 2024?

While Vogue World is typically hosted in September of each year the next London Fashion Week provisional schedule for 2024 (as it celebrates the event's 40th anniversary) will take place from Friday 16th - Tuesday 20th February 2024.

7. How to See London Fashion Week?

Eager to keep up with all the action? Here's how:
Is London Fashion Week open to the public?
The rules changed in September 2019 when London Fashion Week began offering dedicated experiences for both a trade and public audience through one dynamic schedule, further blurring the lines of what was traditionally known as a global trade platform.

While Vogue World is open to the public, getting tickets to a show isn't that easy...

You usually need to be invited by the specific designer's press team to attend shows, or you can apply for a ticket yourself if you're an industry leader.

The good news? You can watch selected shows online.

See the full schedule and RSVP here.

8. Where is The Main Venue for London Fashion Week?

The main activity hub is at Somerset House, 180 The Strand, London, with various shows held at different locations across the British Capital.

9. What Are The Four Cities of Fashion Week?

Although there are many notable fashion weeks around the world, only four are known as the "Big Four". These include (in chronological order):

1. New York
2. London
3. Milan
4. Paris.

10. What Makes London Fashion Week Special?

London Fashion Week is a playground for emerging designers looking to make a name for themselves.

It's renowned for showcasing some of the industry's most exciting NEW talents thanks to the presence in London of some of the world's leading fashion colleges and universities.

While Paris often brings together the world’s biggest names under one roof, London has continuously cultivated exceptional designers and spearheaded their careers on British soil while amplifying the UK's established household names.

11. Which Designers Are The 'Ones To Watch' in London Fashion Week 2024?

Watch this space in 2024 as your "Fashion-Favourite Florist" (dubbed by Vogue Magazine) continues to make more runway floral statements.... 😉

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