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PREDICTION: What Flowers Will We See at King Charles III Coronation in May 2023?

Are you wondering what flowers will we see at King Charles III Coronation in May 2023?

Us too!

Using our knowledge of the Royal Family and their botanical favourites, get our (often accurate) predictions right here.

Whether you're just curious at this stage or keen to celebrate/support our new monarch, there's no doubt certain flowers will soon become a symbol of this forthcoming historical occasion.

But which one's will mark the occasion? Get our professional predictions right here!

What Flowers That Will Feature at The King Charles III Coronation?

1. King Charles III's Favourite Blooms

Let's start with the King's well-known favourite flowers!

When the Chelsea Flower Show went online due to COVID-19, members of the Royal Family took to Twitter to reveal their favourite flowers.

At the time, the King, who was still Prince Charles, revealed that his favourite bloom is the delphinium.

He said, "For me, the magnificent, gloriously appareled delphinium, with its impeccable bearing and massed in platoons, holds pride of place in my botanical affections.”

Delphiniums would certainly add colour to Coronation floral displays.

Rising tall from the ground in an almost celestial fashion, we feel Delphiniums would be the perfect symbol of Charles stepping up to the tasks ahead.
King Charles III is also a passionate environmentalist, so we're excited to see how/if more themes of nature and sustainability will be woven into the occasion.

At Highgrove, he included Meadow Gatefold, a wildflower meadow, in the grounds.

This meadow includes many rare wildflower species, which obviously wouldn't be cut to feature in displays.

But it's possible that other, more common wildflowers could make an appearance.
Bluebells will be in season for the coronation, and we think they would add a fresh and natural vibe to any display.

Might we see Primrose flowers bring a pop of colour with their creamy yellow blooms? We hope so!

It's also possible that alchemilla mollis will be included in the King's Coronation flowers.
This perennial plant is a favourite of the future Queen Consort, who loves its bright green foliage.

Alchemilla mollis also produces tiny yellow or green flowers, but it may be too early in the year for them to be present in time for the Coronation.

Its scalloped leaves would still be a welcome feature of any floral display, creating a supporting backdrop of beautiful foliage that colourful blooms can shine against.

2. Lily of the Valley is Likely to Star

Floral designers and Royal experts predict that the lily of the valley will be a feature flower at the King's Coronation.

Not only is it a popular flower in the UK in spring but it's been a longstanding favourite of the Royals for many generations.

Most notably a famous favourite of the King's mother, Queen Elizabeth II.
This dainty white bloom that symbolises love, motherhood, and purity was featured in the Queen's Coronation bouquet in 1953.

It was also included in Kate Middleton's bridal bouquet when she married Prince William.
Given this history, the lily of the valley is almost certain to appear at the Coronation of King Charles III.

We predict Lily of Valley Bouquets to be extremely popular on the run up to the event.
It will be joined by other blooms that could include personal favourites of King Charles III.

3. Flowers to Represent the UK

In the UK, we haven't had a Royal coronation since 1953! .

There's no doubt it will be an opulent event to remember.

Given that he's now the King of the UK, it's likely that Charles will want to pay homage to the individual nations at his Coronation.

He could do this by choosing a flower to represent each country.

The rose is the most obvious choice of flower to represent England.

It's been the bloom of the country since the Wars of the Roses when the white rose represented the House of York and the red rose represented the House of Lancaster.

We think either of those colours would be an amazing addition to floral displays for the King's Coronation.
The thistle is the national flower of Scotland.

However, the Coronation is a little early in the year for them to be at their best.

Instead, we'd like to give a heads-up about the possibility of including the northern marsh orchid in floral creations for the Coronation.

These flowers grow in wildflower meadows in Scotland, with a large number present in the Outer Hebrides.

King Charles III is responsible for the existence of many of these wildflower meadows as he called for the creation of at least one in every county of the UK to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation.
The national flower of Wales, the daffodil, is a familiar sight on St.David's Day, 1 March.

And it could quite possibly also appear at King Charles III's Coronation.

It would be an appropriate choice given that Charles was Prince of Wales before he became King. His love for the rural country is widely documented.

The jonquilla daffodil is the most likely inclusion, given that it flowers later than other varieties.
Most people know the shamrock as the national plant of Ireland.

However, flax is a symbol of Northern Ireland, and it's the emblem of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Its use is in recognition of Ulster's linen industry.

Given this symbolism, flax would be an excellent representation of Northern Ireland in the King's Coronation flowers.
Royal occasions often bring people together.

Uniting not only the UK but the commonwealth too through flowers and symbolism would be a heartfelt and meaningful way to illustrate King Charles III commitment to fair representation.

4. The Queen's Favourite Flowers Represented

In the Wake of the Queen's death King Charles III will want to honour his mother Lilibet (Queen Elizabeth II) and pay homage to her record-breaking reign at the coronation.

A touching way to do it will be through the use of her favourite flowers.

For more information about Queen Elizabeth II's favourite flowers, check out our blog post.

"REVEALED: The British Royal Family’s Favourite Flowers"

Three flowers featured in the Queen's Coronation bouquet were white cattleya, odontoglossum, and cypripedium orchids.

They featured as a representation of British colonies overseas.
The Queen’s Coronation Bouquet from 1953 also included carnations.

These flowers were said to represent Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.
In addition to flowers that formed part of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation celebrations, she also loved flowers that featured at Prince Philip's funeral.

These flowers include rosemary to signify remembrance.
This ornamental, aromatic shrub could certainly be a feature of the future King's Coronation as a way of remembering both of his parents.

5. Queen's Funeral Tributes to be Used When Planting Trees for the King's Coronation

One way that flowers will definitely feature in the King's Coronation is as compost.

King Charles III has confirmed that the flowers left as a mark of respect to this mother will be recycled as compost for tree planting.

When we heard about this news we were elated!

It feels almost like a statement from the King himself to tell us we must all do what we can to minimize waste in the Carloean era.

This tree planting will be part of his Coronation celebrations.
We love this idea which aligns with King Charles III's reputation for having a sustainable outlook on life.

Symbolic of not only a new era but his intentions to help build a brighter future for everyone.

FUN FACT: At Blooming Haus, we do something similar to this idea.

Each time we complete a design project, we arrange for a tree to be planted in the client's name.

6. When and Where Will the King's Coronation Take Place

On the whole the people of the UK are looking forward to the King's Coronation that takes place on 6 May 2023.

There's also a Bank Holiday to enjoy two days later, on 8 May 2023.

The venue for the event is Westminster Abbey, and the Coronation Ceremony will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

During the ceremony, the King will be crowned alongside the Queen Consort, Camilla.
The King's Coronation will uphold Royal traditions, but experts expect it to be a shorter and smaller celebration than previous Coronations. We shall see!

Ancient and modern aspects will likely feature in the ceremony, keeping tradition alive while simultaneously making a conscious effort to move with the times.

As with other Royal celebrations, we predict flowers will continue to play a significant role in the occasion.

There is no confirmation yet about which blooms will play a part, but there are some likely candidates.

Those responsible for designing the displays will likely use in-season flowers from the Royal estates.

Take a look at our journal entry to see which flowers you can expect to see in a UK spring.

"Your Ultimate Guide To Spring Flowers In The UK (2023)"

While the choices are up in the air there is one we are confidently counting on at Blooming Haus - Lily of The Valley! Watch this space.

7. Plan Your Own Displays with Coronation Flowers

Based in London, we're expecting to see many businesses join in the occasion through stand-out floral displays and celebratory events .

If you're a business owner in the city and have been inspired to start planning for the historical occasion, we're here to help.
At Blooming Haus, we also have an online flower shop with next day UK delivery available.

We create seasonal bouquets and arrangements fit for royalty for you to enjoy at home.

Why not bring an air of majesty into your life?
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Do You Have Coronation Stories or Ideas to Share?

Do you have any Coronation stories or ideas you'd like to share with us?

Pop something in the comments to tell us what your plans are for the King's Coronation and how you're including flowers in your celebrations.

We're excited to hear from you.

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