Why Flower Packages Don’t Exist

Since our launch in 2014 we have received many inquiries about wedding flower packages. While managing finances and keeping within your budget is important, asking for wedding flower packages is like booking a bespoke holiday for a fixed price. Prices always fluctuate, no holiday experience is equal, and every customised holiday is different. At Blooming Haus, we’re design-driven with a focus on uniqueness.

Key factors to take into consideration:

1. Flowers are seasonal.
2. They don’t always have the same price all year round.
3. Every bride and groom is different and has different requirements.
4. Your number of arrangements, personal flowers, bridal bouquets, reception venue decorations or ceremony flowers, will always vary.

Flower Packages

Flowers And Their Seasonality

Flowers are seasonal, which often results in price fluctuations throughout the year. For example, if you have your heart set on peonies, and your wedding is in March (when peonies are out of season) their cost will be a few times higher than at the end of their season in June. At Blooming Haus we’re experts in designing you the best possible floral arrangements, that meet and exceed your desires, within your budget. We’ve woven our unwavering personalised approach to floral aesthetics into our business culture. We believe all flora and foliage have a’s what helps them to set a particular tone or atmosphere. Wedding packages are of detriment to our philosophy because they offer no personalisation, no special flowers, and no special wishes.

At Blooming Haus, beyond designing stand-out arrangements, we love nothing more than sharing our knowledge on the beauty of nature with you. That’s why we keep our journal up to date with valuable floral musings. To check which flowers are in season during your preferred wedding date, see our spring flowers or autumn flowers articles here.

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You Deserve Unique Floral Arrangements

At Blooming Haus we take pride in consistently challenging the status quo. As a result, we produce stand-out arrangements that break the traditional mould and push the boundaries of what is possible with florals.

Whether you already have a vision for your event or an open-mind we are here to provide expert art direction and create unique florals that pique the senses. To us, floristry isn’t just about adorning your special moments, it’s art.

Together, with your ideas, we create arrangements that are completely unique. Our detail-orientated approach is what feeds and inspires our love for creating immersive floral experiences. Every project is a new adventure. Our mission is to give brides, grooms, and guests the true meaning of luxury! Elements that are made to measure, detailed, and perfectly balanced to have the desired impact.

Why a Consultation Is a Necessity

Our online consultations are quick, detailed, and effective. They are the first step in the planning process, an opportunity to lay the groundwork for your floral aesthetics and to get to know one another better.

We invite you to fill out the contact form below and give us as many details as you can, for example, the event type, your preferred dates, etc. This way, we can help you get the most from our first meet.

Instead of receiving false hopes from your next inquiry about wedding flower packages, let us give you a precise idea of how much your big day will cost.

Add some Blooming Haus magic to your special and see why since 2014 over 80+ couples like you entrusted us with one of the biggest days of their life!
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